What do you like best about earth caches? #GQotD

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We recently asked: What do you like best about earth caches?

After reading all the answers, we found that the top favorite things about earth caches are learning something new at cool places, and no actual cache container to find.

So here’s what we heard:

  • Tom on G+ Shared: Many earth caches are in locations where a traditional cache just would not work. I can only think of one that I have logged was not in a scenic location and that one was in a museum because of the subject matter). The other great thing about earth caches is that you don't need to worry about muggles!
  • Sandra on Twitter shared: Going somewhere really interesting and learning new things. I know about iron sand, rivers, sedimentation .... now lol
  • Tony on Facebook shared: It's hard to choose. I love learning new things… and I love the great places they take me – sometimes places right under my nose that I've never noticed.
  • Yosemite Debbie shared: One more type of cache to give the sport variety. If you love 'em, go do 'em. If you don't, go do something else.
  • Brent shared: no wet logs… ok maybe location location location

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about earth caches. You can to, if you-

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