Tribute to my Girl

Many of us have had that one special pet that was our favorite in some way. All of my fur-babies in the past 50 years, both canine and feline, have been very special to me each in their own way. But my Border Collie, Eve, was so special to me in so many ways!

I found Eve at the last cage in our local shelter on the day our country went to war with Iraq in 2003. I had planned to wait until finishing my masters later that summer to adopt a canine companion, but found myself stalking the runs at both of the local shelters and then instantly bonding with Eve. I had started geocaching the previous year and really wanted a pooch to hike with on the trails. I’ve never had such a bond before, but I’d never had a Border Collie before either!


After clearing her of the kennel cough and getting caught up on vaccines, she started joining me out and about. She was 3 years old when I adopted her, had some training, but wow was she a quick study in housebreaking and how to be my best friend!



Eve was my constant companion out geocaching, camping, hiking, biking, herding the cats at home, and then my sounding board as I was starting and growing my business, Cache Advance, back in 2005. She came with me when I vended at Midwest GeoBash and the West Bend Ca$h Bash one summer –that was a great 3 week road trip, and we both got to meet so many more cachers!

Joining me in many more business trips over the years, Eve has been to two Geocaching HQs on three different occasions! She has even had her own badge at many Outdoor Retailer Markets in Salt Lake City, and was our official ‘booth babe’ when we exhibited there too. I think a lot of folks thought that she was my service dog as she was so attentive to her people and went with us everywhere!Eve-Ape-Cache

Many of you have met her at our booths at the Block Parties and other regional geocaching events as well. And of course Eve was always ready to greet cachers when Cache Advance was home based in the early days, and then at our store when we opened the second only Brick and Mortar geocaching store in the US.

Eventually Eve retired from traveling and events, but she could still be seen lounging at the Cave now and again, and she always enjoyed meeting cachers and being petted, even though she was going rather blind and deaf.

me_eve_winter2011 It is with a heavy heart that I share with you all that Eve crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in November of 2016. I was quite overcome with all the wonderful comments and remembrances of times with Eve that were posted on my personal Facebook page, so we wanted to be sure that our tribute to a most amazing caching canine, that touched so many, was also shared with our larger geocaching tribe.

We hope that Eve inspired more canine companion adoptions, and more hikes and more geocaching adventures shared with our dogs! Here’s to my best hiking buddy, our family companion, and our Cache Advance mascot, Eve!

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