Taking Geocaching and Travel Bugs Out of the Box

vehicle travel bug trackableThere is no better way to easily show your geocaching pride than by putting a Travel Bug on your geo-mobile!

We saw the potential for this back in the summer of 2007: while camping at the WSGA Summer Campout another cacher had one on his rig that was handmade. What a fun way to identify your car as a caching car! Instantly intrigued, we did some R&D (research and development) and soon we were licensed by Groundspeak to officially standardize, make and sell decal-style Travel Bugs for any vehicle.

Since 2007 Cache Advance has been the source for Vehicle Travel Bugs! We started with only a 7" (17cm) white decal for the outside of a vehicle window. Back then we had to order TB tags, transcribe the codes, make the decals, then match them back up with their tags –kind of like a giant game of concentration. This was quite the process when you're dealing with thousands at a time!

Soon we had requests for different colors, sizes and types, such as static clings and even magnets, so we added to our line. A few years later, partnering with Groundspeak, we developed a tag-less method that streamlined the process to make these.

So now, 10 years later, we’ve added a few more vehicle travel bug sizes to our line!

These new sizes complement our existing three inch and the original seven inch TBs, all found here.

We also make replacements of any existing decals, static clings and magnets! Click Here for Details!

Vehicle TB Pro Tips:

General: Vehicle TBs are just like any other Travel Bug in how they work and activate. However, they are meant to only be discovered, not grabbed, if you see one.

Static Clings:

  • Can be moved from window to window.
  • These even work on plastic windows like on some soft top Jeeps.
  • Static Clings do not show well through tinted windows of any sort (only perfect if you want to make it really incognito or hard to discover).


  • Our decals are adhesive backed to go permanently on the outside of the vehicle, window or wherever it is placed.
  • Apply to a clean, warm surface. The decals like it warm and can even be applied over window defrosters.
  • Once applied, these should last many years.
  • If you want to move it to another location, you will need to have a duplicate one made.
  • If you need a duplicate (new car or it was damaged somehow) we’re happy to make another one for you with the same code!


  • Made to go on the body of the vehicle.
  • These are perfect if you don’t want anything permanent on your car.
  • Also perfect to take on trips for your rental –instant geo-mobile!
  • Remove the magnet before going through a car wash, unless you want us to make you a duplicate…!

How many of your cars have a Vehicle TB on them?  Tell us in the comments!




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