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We recently asked: What is your on your geocaching wish list?

We just published a blog with our top 10 geocaching gifts, so it was really fun to read through everyone’s wish lists. I am going to do a top 4 list for you, based on everyone’s responses:

  • #4 on this list was gear and gadgets to help with geocaching
    • Mike on FB shared: Just got a kayak on black friday, hoping to get an action video camera like a gopro for better quality YouTube videos.
    • Mark shared: Ammo cans and good rain pants for caching in western Washington.
  • #3 on the list is Geocoins.
    • Tony shared: I have a list of geocoins I'm hoping to get.
  • #2 on the list is a Cache Crate Subscription!
    • Josh shared: Cache crate with the added Trackable option would be great as well! I watch the unboxing videos by the GCDoc. Very cool stuff! --Well thanks Josh!
  • And #1 on geocachers wish list is: More time to geocache
    • RJ on Twitter shared: more money and time off to go caching.
    • Darryl shared: More time off work so we can travel and cache more.

While we at Cache Advance probably can’t help you with more time off to go caching, we can surely help you be prepared with all the gear, Geocoins and Cache Crates, so you’re prepped and ready to go when you do find time to caching! And be sure to check out our blog for more gift ideas.

As always we really enjoyed hearing about geocaching wish lists, and you can too, if you-

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Do you have any wishlist items to add?  Share them in the comments below!