vehicle travel bug trackableThere is no better way to easily show your geocaching pride than by putting a Travel Bug on your geo-mobile!

We saw the potential for this back in the summer of 2007: while camping at the WSGA Summer Campout another cacher had one on his rig that was handmade. What a fun way to identify your car as a caching car! Instantly intrigued, we did some R&D (research and development) and soon we were licensed by Groundspeak to officially standardize, make and sell decal-style Travel Bugs for any vehicle.

Since 2007 Cache Advance has been the source for Vehicle Travel Bugs! We started with only a 7" (17cm) white decal for the outside of a vehicle window. Back then we had to order TB tags, transcribe the codes, make the decals, then match them back up with their tags –kind of like a giant game of concentration. This was quite the process when you're dealing with thousands at a time!

Soon we had requests for different colors, sizes and types, such as static clings and even magnets, so we added to our line. A few years later, partnering with Groundspeak, we developed a tag-less method that streamlined the process to make these.

So now, 10 years later, we’ve added a few more vehicle travel bug sizes to our line!

These new sizes complement our existing three inch and the original seven inch TBs, all found here.

We also make replacements of any existing decals, static clings and magnets! Click Here for Details!

Vehicle TB Pro Tips:

General: Vehicle TBs are just like any other Travel Bug in how they work and activate. However, they are meant to only be discovered, not grabbed, if you see one.

Static Clings:

  • Can be moved from window to window.
  • These even work on plastic windows like on some soft top Jeeps.
  • Static Clings do not show well through tinted windows of any sort (only perfect if you want to make it really incognito or hard to discover).


  • Our decals are adhesive backed to go permanently on the outside of the vehicle, window or wherever it is placed.
  • Apply to a clean, warm surface. The decals like it warm and can even be applied over window defrosters.
  • Once applied, these should last many years.
  • If you want to move it to another location, you will need to have a duplicate one made.
  • If you need a duplicate (new car or it was damaged somehow) we’re happy to make another one for you with the same code!


  • Made to go on the body of the vehicle.
  • These are perfect if you don’t want anything permanent on your car.
  • Also perfect to take on trips for your rental –instant geo-mobile!
  • Remove the magnet before going through a car wash, unless you want us to make you a duplicate…!

How many of your cars have a Vehicle TB on them?  Tell us in the comments!




This month's geochallenge has been issued!  Will you accept the challenge?

To help you with this #geochallenge, we thought we would give you a Trackable 101 to help you accept the challenge:

Trackables 101

What are trackables you ask? They are items that are uniquely identified (special unique code on each one) that are meant to travel from place to place, person to person.

Maybe you’ve heard of those traveling gnomes that people take with them on trips and then take their picture at scenic spots? Or how about Where’s George Dollars that you can track by the serial number to see where this dollar has been spent before?

Trackables are usually found in geocaches -but not always! They move from place to place, picking up stories along the way. You can add your own story, or live vicariously through each trackable’s adventures.

Trackables come in many forms, such as:

Here are some great hints to help you learn more about trackables, and some basic etiquette for handing trackables.

A Travel Bug is a trackable item that moves from place to place, picking up stories along the way. More here:

Trackables usually have goals. Read the trackable page, recent logs online or in the cache logbook, and look for a goal tag with many trackables. Don’t move it contrary to its goals.

Pick up a trackable? Log it ASAP. If you hold onto it more than 2 weeks, you should email the owner as a courtesy.

You do not have to leave a trackable in order to pick one up.

Don’t wish to pick up a trackable? You can discover it. Tells owner that it is not missing.

Do not log a discover if you haven’t actually seen or handled a trackable.

Don’t grab trackable from other geocacher until it is dropped into a cache or event. You may mess up miles or goals.

Is the trackable missing? Mark it as missing on page. Prevents others from looking for it.

Promo trackables: jeeps, diabetes. Do not collect and hoard; these are meant to be shared.

Many trackables have their own icon that will show on your profile at when you discover or grab them.

Some trackables aren’t in caches; they are on cars, shirts, bikes, etc. These are usually discovered.

Many geocachers buy and keep their own collection of trackables and will share at events to be discovered, or even trade online.

If the trackable goal is known and you cannot fulfill it, place it where someone can, or pass it person to person to fulfill its goals.

Do you have any  more tips to add?  Please do so in the comments!

Geochallenge of the month is about Trackables!

Do You Activate All Your Trackables?Hey Cachers! This is Lookout Lisa from Cache Advance, and I’m your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day.  This week we're running a "Flashback Friday" recap on the Geocaching Question of the Day.  We'll be back to normal next week.  

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We recently asked: Do you activate all of your trackables?

After tallying all the answers, we found that it, well, really depends on what you plan to do with your trackables.

So here is what we heard:

  • Terry on FB shared: I did not activate coins previously but I just went through and did proxies of all the coins and set those free. So now, yes, I do. A year
  • Adam shared: Previously I didn't activate my personal coins. Recently I decided that didn’t make any sense since the whole point of them is that they ARE trackable. So now my coins are active but in my collection so they can't be moved.
  • Kathleen shared: I am trying to get them all activated. Some I've been waiting to see what I'm going to do with them (TB tags).
  • Another Adam shared about his coin collection. He said: Not all of them, there are a few that I keep to sell or trade with. Usually these are duplicates that I own that are popular. Unactivated coins come at higher value in trade even though you can adopt coins that are activated. Strange concept that I understand. Like most collectors I keep my coins, Activated and unactivated in pristine condition in a private collect to be admired by friends and family.

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about trackables, and you can too, if you-

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Thanks, and Happy Caching!

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