The Cache Crate for May 2016 was sent a few weeks ago and we're pleased to give you a peek inside the box!   This month's box was a theme box full of snacks to take with you while geocaching!

In case you didn't know, a Cache Crate is a fun box of geocaching and outdoor gear delivered to your door!  Sign up for your Cache Crate by clicking here!

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Here's what was inside:

1 Tall Boy Pint Cup

(A repeat. So those that have been with us a long time will now have a pair, and all the newer subscribers will finally get theirs!)

Jelly Belly Sport (assorted: Extreme w/ caffeine)  and Jelly Belly EXTREME Sport for Quick Energy!  

extremesport Extremesportblack
24 1-oz bags of Sport Beans jelly beans in assorted flavors from Jelly Belly. With vitamins B, C and electrolytes. Great for exercise. Made with natural flavors and colors from natural sources.

1 Original Trail Mix (Powers Candy & Nut)  


The trail mix that started it all! Real Milk Chocolate and California Thompson Select (Low Moisture) Raisins blended with a wholesome combination of freshly roasted Peanuts, Whole Almonds, and Cashew Pieces.  This company is local to Spokane, WA.

1 Juno Bars -apple crisp (Bumble Bar)


2 Official Geocaching Sticker (Tan & Green)


This is our new green and tan versions of the small geocache sticker -perfect for wrapping around a 35 mm film can, or to put on any sized container!

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GQotDPinterestHey Cachers! This is Lookout Lisa from Cache Advance, and I’m your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day.  This week we're running a "Flashback Friday" recap on the Geocaching Question of the Day.  We'll be back to normal next week.  

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We recently asked: What is your favorite snack while out geocaching?

We really enjoyed reading all the different kinds of snacks that cachers enjoy.

So here is what we heard:

  • Dave on G+ shared: whiskey and rib eye.
    • I like how you think Dave!
  • Tom shared: I don't know about during caching, but a visit to Two Scoops Ice Cream in Anoka, Minnesota is our favorite after-caching snack. Or after heavy yard work. Or after a day of shopping.
    In fact, it's just our favorite snack..

    • Tom, you had me at two scoops!
  • Eric on FB wants to know: Who has time to eat when you're caching!!??
  • Kip agrees. He shared: No time to eat! Must hunt-must find!
  • Like Kristine on Twitter shared, we had lots of votes for: Jerky and of course Trail Mix, also known as: gorp. Remember gorp? It stands for “good old raisins and peanuts”
    • OK so now that I’m really hungry, I think I just might go pick up some gorp.

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about snacks, and you can too, if you-

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Thanks, and Happy Caching!

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