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We recently asked: Do you prefer geocaching with a handheld GPS or Smartphone?


  • After tallying all the answers, we found it was pretty much 50/50, and most cachers actually use both.
  • So here’s what we heard:
    • Dave on G+ Shared: GPS, tho my resistance to smartphone caching is getting less now that batteries are better, USB power packs are decent, and the tech on the phone isn't nearly so annoying.
    • Agent Questermark shared: Both! I'll usually start on my phone, but if I need more precision, I like my GPSr. For road trips, I'll load a PQ into the GPSr, but still start with the phone when seeking.
    • Danno Shared: Smartphone. I like to post logs in the field and manage trackables, especially read their missions online before I take them.
    • Hotrod205 on Twitter shared: after getting 3 years each out of 2 Garmins, I don't see the point. New phone is so good that I'm not buying another GPSr.
    • Jessica on Facebook summed it up nicely. She shared: My handheld gps, BUT I geocache 95% of the time with my smartphone because it is always with me

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