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We recently asked: How many Letterbox Hybrid caches have you found?

After reading through and tallying all the answers, we found that on average cachers have found 34.8 Letterbox Hybrid caches.

So here is what we heard:

  • Heidi on G+ shared: None yet, but sure have found quite a few letterboxes near the caches.
  • Robert on Facebook shared: I've only found 30 but I've hidden 33
  • Eric had a good reminder. He shared: It's not really about the numbers is it? But 55 for the record, now I must find more!!!!
  • Brent on Facebook shared: 15, not a lot around my area , and still need to go find one for the June #GeoChallenge
  • For those wondering, I have logged 47, and of course I’ve probably found a good dozen actual letterboxes near geocaches.

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