This month’s #GeoChallenge with the Geocaching Vlogger is to hide a geocache (!

Here are a few hiding tips to consider when hiding a geocache:

  • Cache placement: Hide a new cache where you want to bring visitors to see or experience something cool. This could be a great view, a nice area to explore, or simply a clever hide just for the find.
  • Remember to put a log book inside!
  • Keep in mind the changing of the seasons. That snowy white camo might look great in winter, but stick out in the spring and summer.
    • Will the leaves turn and fall later, exposing your cache? Or grow back and mess up your camo?
    • How will deep snow affect finding your cache? You might want to hide it above the expected snow level.
    • Near water? Will the water rise and wash it away, or recede and expose your cache?
  • Use appropriate attributes for your cache. You may even need to change these with the changing of the seasons.
  • Be sure to leave pencils, not pens, in the cache.
  • Use a water tight container.
  • Take multiple coordinates, or average the coordinates for your new hide.
  • Leave an FTF prize for the first finder. This can even be just a nice note!
  • We recommend marking the outside of your container clearly as an official geocache. You can simply write on it, or use a sticker like these small ones or larger ones.
  • Be sure that you have permission from the land manager to hide the cache.

Here are some more great resources for hiding a new geocache:

Geocache Listing Requirements / Guidelines
Regional Geocaching Policies Wiki
Geocache Ownership: A Long-Term Relationship

Do you have more?  Please share them in the comments below!

From classic ammo cans with a twist (can you say purple?), Jumbo Micros (really not an oxymoron), to tricky urban hides, we’ve got it all.

Here are a few Featured items - Small and Regular sizes:



Hefty Clip Lock Containers, available in 2.1 and .9 cup sizes. Perfect for small to regular sized cache placements!

  • This item contains no BPA
  • Ergonomic 4-hinge locking sides to seal out the elements
  • Scratch resistant easy open handles
  • Airtight container with silicon seal to lock out the elements
  • Freezer, Microwave, Dishwasher and Mostly Muggle Safe
  • Premium Product at Competitive Pricing
  • Second to none in engineered durability and clarity

Jumbo Micro Cache Capsule- Camo:

This capsule is made from anodized aluminum and features a waterproof O-ring seal, and a swivel key ring and hook to give you plenty of hiding options.

The capsule has an inside diameter of about 1.3125 inches, so can fit most micro and nano coins (including the official FTF geocoin) and a bit of SWAG. The capsule itself measures about 2.75 inches long, 3 inches including the key ring holder.

30 Cal Ammo Cans (Green & Purple!): 


This 30 cal. can is intended to replicate the shape of an actual 30 cal. army surplus ammunition can. It offers the same capacity as a traditional 30 caliber military ammo can. Perfect for geocaching, and comes in purple, too...!

Tricky caches:

Utility Plates:


This Magnetic Faceplate cover is a GREAT cache to hide! On the back there is enough room for the included log inside a zip lock bag, and two very strong magnets. The log bag has a small magnet inside to help keep it attached to the plate.



Bolts (Silver & Rusty): 

We've redesigned the Fake Bolt Cache!  The new bolts are wholly machined with a solid screw-on top. The magnet is nestled safely inside the top 'nut' which also protects it from the elements along with the o-ring.   Inside is still the same super secret compartment with a Rite in the Rain logbook and metal toggle for logbook retrieval. The new bolts still come in the ever popular Silver and Rust.


Do you have Geocache Hiding Tips?  Share them below!