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All this past week we’ve been asking questions about the Geocacher’s Creed. Though Cache Advance nor I personally were involved in creating the Geocacher’s creed, we are the current custodian of it. When I heard some years ago that it was going offline, I was able to gain permission to acquire the creed and the web domain as well. As a service to the community, we pay for the hosting and keep it alive.

We recently asked: The Geocacher's Creed was last updated in 2005. Is it still relevant?

Approximately 99% of cachers agreed that it is still relevant. So here’s what we heard:

  • MUDac on Twitter shared: Yes. Just like #LeaveNoTrace, it will always be relevant..
  • Tom on G+ shared: "Be inconspicuous in retrieving, signing in, and replacing a cache to avoid vandalism." Almost always a fail. People trying to not look suspicious...look even more suspicious. I've learned to just tell curious people what I am doing.
    • Tom I would have to agree! My first strategy is to just look like I know what I’m doing, that I belong, when looking for a cache. If that fails and a muggle asks, I’m happy to explain geocaching to them. Those curious muggles will usually make great cachers!

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about the Geocacher’s Creed. You can to, if you-

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