Look Inside The March 2016 Cache Crate!

March 2016 Cache Crates were sent weeks ago and we're pleased to give you a peek inside the box!

In case you didn't know, a Cache Crate is a fun box of geocaching and outdoor gear delivered to your door!  Sign up for your Cache Crate by clicking here!

Take a look inside the March Cache Crate, Subscription Box for Geocachers!

Here's a look inside the Cache Crate for March:

Geocaching Journal 

journal journalpgWhile there are many geocache logbooks on the market that stay with your cache, this is the first of its kind designed for the treasure seeker to carry with them and log in all of their finds. We have been bombarded with requests for this title by Geocachers everywhere!

  • Printed in the USA
  • Soy-based ink
  • Acid-free recycled paper
  • Durable hard cover design

Preform-12 Preform Caches (+ RiTR log and pencil in each)

These "preform" geocache tubes are the early stage of a 2 liter soda bottle. They are virtually indestructable, dishwasher safe, and they are clear so you can see everything inside. (All preforms have a very slight greyish tint) Caps are included.

1 Tick Wrangler

tick-wrangler-lg-300x300The Tick Wrangler safely removes all sizes and types of ticks without having to touch the insect. It removes the entire tick –including the head – and can be used on people or pets.

  • Sturdy aluminum construction will not bend, rust, crack, or break
  • Includes a ruler (inches and centimeters) to help identify the type of tick. Knowing the type of tick will help determine if there is a risk of Lyme Disease or other types of infection
  • Small size fits in your first aid kit and easily attaches to gear with the included carabiner

1 BASE Case 1.0 Titanium


The B.A.S.E.™ Case 1.0 is an anodized-aluminum capsule with screw-top cap and O-ring for a waterproof seal.
1 15-Year Patch
Show your Geocaching Pride and celebrate 15 Years of this amazing game of discovery, exploration and adventure!   This Official 15 year patch can be used as an iron on or you can sew on to your favorite gear.
Measures 3" across.
Trackable addon: 15 Year Geocoin 
Check out the Video Unboxing!

You can get your own cache crate or start a subscription for the geocacher you love at the following links:

To buy the Individual Cache Crates:

To subscribe:
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