Look inside the Spring 2017 HERO Crate!

We are excited to introduce our second Hero Crate Unboxing here on the blog!  In case you have never heard of the HERO Crate, it is a bigger Cache Crate that ships every three months (March, June, September and December) on or near each Equinox and Solstice - for $150/quarter.

Each season we will ship top-quality high-value gear and inspiration for geocaching in the Hero Crate.  This will include cool stuff to help you find and retrieve challenging caches, hide favorite worthy caches, and keep comfortable on the hunt. 



Spring 2017 items:

Realtree Deluxe Hard-Shell Foam First Aid Kit: Retail value: $29.99

This extensively stocked first aid kit in a sturdy Realtree Camo hard-shell foam case will help provide peace of mind.

CITO Safety vest:   Retail value: $9.99

One Size Fits All CITO Safety vest!


GC Grabber Tool:  Retail value: $24.99 

When you need a little extra reach and a powerful grab!  Perfect for a CITO event when you are cleaning up the trail or when you find a cache container just out of reach.  This hand trigger grabber is made to pick up all kinds of items, but also folds up to go in your geocaching pack!

Ultimate Trackable Lanyard:  Retail value: $29.95

We don’t call this the Ultimate Lanyard for nothing. GeoKnots took all the things that geocachers need in a lanyard, and made it even better. You won’t have to trust your expensive GPS, smart phones, cameras, and other electronic gear to a flimsy strap any longer. Each Ultimate Lanyard is proudly made by geocachers, for geocachers from super-strong U.S.-made survival paracord. Plus - it's trackable!

Each Ultimate Lanyard system includes:

  • Fully adjustable length to comfortably fit any geocacher.
  • Two interchangeable, quick-disconnect attachment ends for your GPS or other equipment (3″ long and 6″ long) for additional flexibility.
  • Safety breakaway feature with sliding hand-tied ranger knots.
  • Built-in emergency whistle on each quick-disconnect attachment.
  • Hardware attachment pack for your electronics — a sturdy metal snap hook, two mini quick-disconnect cables, and two mini split rings.

Geocaching Stencil: Retail $9.95

This re-usable stencil is a great way to add a notification to your geocache. All you need is a can of spray paint to customize your geocache. The surface coating prevents runs and smears common with most plastic stencils.  Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet.

.75 L Infinity Dukjug water bottle, varied colors: $9.95

Lexan XS Gear Box, clear:  $14.95

All-purpose, virtually crushproof utility box. - Dual lash points keep box closed tight and secure.  Made of virtually-unbreakable, Lexan® resin.  Waterproof gasket help keeps items dry.  Extra small size is perfect for smart phones and small electronics.

Lexan N Case (smoke color was shipped): $9.95

Sleek, lightweight, watertight and nearly indestructible, this sweet little case is just the right size for stashing the barest essentials like cash, credit cards, small electronics and slim geocaches. Made with the ultra-tuff polycarbonate Lexan

Outhouse Birdhouse: $36.95

This classic resting place has always offered us the comfort of home. Now our feathered friends (or a geocache!) can find the same rest with this  hand crafted resin Outhouse design Birdhouse. Hang it on an outdoor wall or utilize its hanging cord to create a comfy new home for the song-birds in your backyard.

If used as a geocache, be sure to block the hole so birds do not next in it. Rear door entry for a small cache.

  • Made of hand crafted wood & resin
  • Ventilation & drainage holes
  • Deep nesting chamber with 1 1/8 entry-hole
  • No predator perches
  • Includes hanging cord
  • Rear access for cleaning/geocache access.

Base Case 1.0: $4.95

The B.A.S.E. Case 1.0 is an anodized-aluminum capsule with screw-top cap and O-ring for a waterproof seal.

  • Keeps money, medication, and other small items dry and secure
  • Great for storing matches and tinder
  • Perfect for geocaching

Watch the GC Doc's Unboxing Video:

Get your own subscription for the HERO Crate for Geocaching here:  http://www.cache-advance.com/cachecrate-hero.asp


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