Introducing the NEW Hero Cache Crate!

We all know one, or have heard the legend: that geocacher who can do it all, and has it all. They have the tools needed to make the find, retrieve the log, solve the puzzles and make the grab. They fix broken caches, come to the rescue of befuddled cachers, sidestep DNFs, mentor newbies, hide great caches and always have a good hint when called on. 

The Geocaching Hero.

You can be one too, and we can help! Our Cache Crate Hero plan will give you the tools you need to be a geocaching hero. 

Each quarter we will ship top-quality high-value gear and inspiration for geocaching in the Hero Crate.  This will include cool stuff to help you find and retrieve challenging caches, hide favorite worthy caches, and keep comfortable on the hunt. 

Be a Geocaching Hero.

Introducing the New HERO Quarterly Cache Crate!

  • A bigger Cache Crate shipping every three months (March, June, September and December)
  • Ships on or near each Equinox and Solstice
  • Includes larger higher priced items than the monthly cache crate
  • FREE Shipping for USA*
  • Price:  $150 per quarter

Our first Hero Crate will ship in mid-late January -a tad late for winter solstice or Christmas... However, everyone who signs up between now and December 20th will receive a card from us that should arrive before Christmas (US only). This card will explain that the first Hero Cache Crate will ship in January 2017.

** International Shipping Info:

  • Canadian shipping is an add-on of US $42
  • All other International destinations is an add-on of US $64

Click here to subscribe to the Quarterly  HERO Cache Crate!


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