Do you prefer to hide or find geocaches? #GQotD Recap

Do you prefer to hide or find geocaches?Hey Cachers! This is Lookout Lisa from Cache Advance, and I’m your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day.  This week we're running a "Flashback Friday" recap on the Geocaching Question of the Day.  We'll be back to normal next week.  

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We recently asked: Do you prefer to hide or find geocaches?

  • After tallying all the answers, we found that the majority of cachers, 70% prefer to find, while 18% prefer to hide, and about 1 in 10 enjoy both equally.
  • So here’s what we heard:
    • Doug on G+ Shared: Find. I find there's a lot of pressure in hiding, and the saturation of the area means that the only place open for new hiders (since I've hidden none) are LPCs, and who needs more of those?
    • Jennifer on FB spoke for many when she said: Find. I've had too many issues with my hides so now my only "hides" are events I host. –Speaking of events:
    • Stale on FB shared: I love to hide and arrange events. My geocache #900 is in the reviewers queue right now.
    • Andy on G+ shared: I do a lot more finding - because hiding a good cache can be a lot of work.  But I think hiding is much more rewarding, when you see a list of positive comments in the cache logs.
    • Joan shared: The find- especially after a DNF was just logged on that cache!

As always we really enjoyed hearing about hiding and finding geocaches, and you can too, if you-

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Thanks, and Happy Caching!

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