Hero Crate for Geocaching — Take a Look Inside January 2017!

We are excited to introduce our first Hero Crate Unboxing here on the blog!  In case you have never heard of the HERO Crate, it is a bigger Cache Crate that ships every three months (March, June, September and December) on or near each Equinox and Solstice - for $150/quarter.

Each quarter we will ship top-quality high-value gear and inspiration for geocaching in the Hero Crate.  This will include cool stuff to help you find and retrieve challenging caches, hide favorite worthy caches, and keep comfortable on the hunt. 

HERO Crate - Geocaching Crate from Cache Advance

Here's what's inside the HERO Crate:

Rothco's Advanced Tactical Bag - $49.99 value

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 11.31.15 AM

Rothco's Advanced Tactical Bag Is MOLLE Compatible Bag And Features 2 Inch Wide Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap, Large Side Pouch, Smaller Side Pouch And Front Flap Closure With Two Exterior Pockets. Main Interior Area Has Two Inside Pockets And Close Top And Exterior Cell Phone Pouch. Rear Zipper Pocket W/Hook And Loop Area Is Ideal For Concealed Carry.


How to Puzzle Cache (Spiral Bound) - $24.95 value


FACED WITH A MAP FULL OF BLUE QUESTION MARKS AND NO IDEA WHERE TO START? Geocaching novices and pros alike are often daunted by puzzle and mystery caches. Ciphers, enigmatic photos, nonsensical text, or just a blank page -- it often isn’t clear what the CO wants or expects you to do, and even less clear how any of it will lead you to a cache. THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU ASK -- AND ANSWER -- ALL THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. 300 pages of lessons, tips, tricks and hints for dealing with even the trickiest puzzle caches, plus step-by-step techniques that start with examining the cache page and lead you through codes, ciphers, steganography, math, music, and dozens of other common puzzle cache types will have you on the trail in no time.

Radiant 250 Rechargeable Headlamp - $49.95 value


The Radiant 250 Rechargeable Headlamp offers a high quality, hands-free lighting solution with the added benefit of being rechargeable. Powered by a Lithium Polymer battery, it also features dual color, red and white LEDs, and multiple modes. In high spot mode it maxes out at 250 Lumens to emblazon the darkest night, or can be set to low white spot mode, high or low white flood mode, or to red flood mode to preserve night vision with the simple touch of a button. With a 90 degree tilt angle, this headlamp can be properly adjusted to direct light where needed. It can be worn comfortably and fitted properly with the high quality, adjustable elastic strap. With a run time up to 43 hours in low mode, the Radiant 250 Rechargeable Headlamp will power onward as long as you do. This headlamp comes with an included micro USB cord for quick recharging in just two hours.

Geocaching Beanie - $9.95

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.21.57 AM

Geocaching Knit Beanie - Grey/Black or Navy. 'Nuff said!

Geocaching Travel Bug Patch - $9.95 value

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.22.06 AM

The perfect way to make your geocaching pack or jacket trackable! This patch includes the official Geocaching Travel Bug® icon with the words 'trackable at geocaching.com'. Securely attached to the bottom of the patch is an engraved metal strip with a unique tracking number. Available in Charcoal & Blue. The back side of the patch will attach to soft Velcro or you can sew it to whatever you choose to make trackable. Each trackable item gets its own page on geocaching.com where you can track its progress. To learn more about the Geocaching trackables, visit this website. Each Geocaching Travel Bug® Patch comes as a set packaged with a traditional aluminum copy Tag; The patch gets attached to an item and the copy tag lets you keep a permanent record of your individual tracking code. Dimensions: 40mm by 80mm (3 1/8 inches x 1 5/8 inches).

Travel Bug Trekker Charms - $13.99

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.22.13 AM

Stainless Steel Trackables - can be used as shoelace charmes, added to jewelry, or sewn into a patch.  Each package contains two Travel Bug® Trekkers with one tracking code (there is an identical code engraved onto each charm).   The Trekkers are Stainless Steel and trackable at Geocaching.com with a Travel Bug icon.

Dr. B's Cache Repair Kit (Special Black Version) - $9.95


Geocaching has changed over the years since we first introduced Dr. B's Cache Repair Kit in 2005. Back then, cache containers were usually larger and often had more 'parts' to them. These were prone to mishaps and getting damaged. Nowadays, most field repairs consist of simply replacing the log (book or log sheets) in a smaller or micro sized container. So we redesigned our Repair Kit to reflect what you'll need to make cache repairs today.

Kit is very 'stuffable' and compact: measuring only about 6" x 7", and weighing in just a few ounces.

What's inside:

1 Permanent Marker
Rite in the Rain ® Mini Logbooks
Rite in the Rain ® Micro Logs
Rite in the Rain ® Nano Logs
Golf Pencils
Metal Pencil Sharpener -very high quality
FTF (First To Fix) Tokens -sign and leave in a repaired cache
Ziplock Bags (Assorted sizes, 4 mil strength)
Cool Bag! (Water Resistant, Denier Polyester)
The Geocacher’s Creed states “Make minor repairs if you can, it will save the owner a trip”. We believe that we are promoting responsible caching with our kits.

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Standard Clicker Pen - Black Ink - $9.95

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.22.24 AM

While a pencil works great on our All-Weather products, sometimes you just need a pen.

These 5 1/8" long All-Weather pens write on wet paper and upside down, the pressurized ink cartridge performs in temperatures from -30F to 250F. Chrome/Black Plastic barrel. Black Ink.

Heat up Handwarmers - 2 Pairs

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.23.12 AM

A must have for your geobag to keep your hands warm while geocaching in the winter!

Watch the video:

Get your own subscription for the HERO Crate for Geocaching here:  http://www.cache-advance.com/cachecrate-hero.asp




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