Do You Have Any Geocaching Shirts? #GQotD Recap!

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We recently asked: Do you have any geocaching shirts?

After reading through all the answers, we found that only about 4% of us don’t have at least one geocaching shirt. In fact, some of us have quite a wardrobe!

So here is what we heard:

  • Matthew on Facebook shared: Despite being an "avid" geocacher, no, I have zero and that's how I plan on keeping it. A hat with the logo is the only visible branding that I sport. Just not into that kind of thing.
  • Mark shared: I do now! Got one on Saturday upon completion of the Clackamas Community College geocoin challenge.
  • Chad shared: Dozens of them between Michigan Geocaching Organization, MidWest Geobash and the Geocacher Enough Road Rally events
  • Sandi has a great idea of what to do with all of her geocaching shirts. She shared: A few dozen! Want to make a blanket out of them.
  • Personally, I have dozens of shirts as well collected in my 14 years of geocaching. In fact, so many that I rotate them from year to year into my everyday wardrobe, while safely storing the majority of them for another year.

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about geocaching shirts, and you can too, if you-

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about cache icons, and you can too, if you-

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