vehicle travel bug trackableThere is no better way to easily show your geocaching pride than by putting a Travel Bug on your geo-mobile!

We saw the potential for this back in the summer of 2007: while camping at the WSGA Summer Campout another cacher had one on his rig that was handmade. What a fun way to identify your car as a caching car! Instantly intrigued, we did some R&D (research and development) and soon we were licensed by Groundspeak to officially standardize, make and sell decal-style Travel Bugs for any vehicle.

Since 2007 Cache Advance has been the source for Vehicle Travel Bugs! We started with only a 7" (17cm) white decal for the outside of a vehicle window. Back then we had to order TB tags, transcribe the codes, make the decals, then match them back up with their tags –kind of like a giant game of concentration. This was quite the process when you're dealing with thousands at a time!

Soon we had requests for different colors, sizes and types, such as static clings and even magnets, so we added to our line. A few years later, partnering with Groundspeak, we developed a tag-less method that streamlined the process to make these.

So now, 10 years later, we’ve added a few more vehicle travel bug sizes to our line!

These new sizes complement our existing three inch and the original seven inch TBs, all found here.

We also make replacements of any existing decals, static clings and magnets! Click Here for Details!

Vehicle TB Pro Tips:

General: Vehicle TBs are just like any other Travel Bug in how they work and activate. However, they are meant to only be discovered, not grabbed, if you see one.

Static Clings:

  • Can be moved from window to window.
  • These even work on plastic windows like on some soft top Jeeps.
  • Static Clings do not show well through tinted windows of any sort (only perfect if you want to make it really incognito or hard to discover).


  • Our decals are adhesive backed to go permanently on the outside of the vehicle, window or wherever it is placed.
  • Apply to a clean, warm surface. The decals like it warm and can even be applied over window defrosters.
  • Once applied, these should last many years.
  • If you want to move it to another location, you will need to have a duplicate one made.
  • If you need a duplicate (new car or it was damaged somehow) we’re happy to make another one for you with the same code!


  • Made to go on the body of the vehicle.
  • These are perfect if you don’t want anything permanent on your car.
  • Also perfect to take on trips for your rental –instant geo-mobile!
  • Remove the magnet before going through a car wash, unless you want us to make you a duplicate…!

How many of your cars have a Vehicle TB on them?  Tell us in the comments!




Wow, it is hard to believe, but Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are here! Are you ready?

As you know, at Cache Advance we've been crazy busy getting our geocaching gear assembled, packaged, stocked in the Cave and ready to ship out from our door to yours!

As we do every year, we put together our helpful gift guide presenting our top 10 Geocaching Gifts for this season!  You are sure to find something here that will warm the heart of the geocachers on your list.

1. Cache Crate Subscription - Starts at $19/month

Untitled design (10)Who wouldn't like to get a fun box of geocaching and awesome outdoor gear delivered to your door every month? Sign up for the membership level you want to give (or gift to yourself!) and we'll send out a box of great gear! You can pay ahead, or pay as you go with lots of monthly options to suit your needs. Take a look inside a cache crate by clicking here.

33efeb5d-7ee2-4bdc-a387-89d09a50cbe72. Go Fish Geocoins - $12

Inspired by a coloring contest, these fun Go Fish! Geocoins were minted for the Go Fish! Multi Events held around the world in mid November 2016.

We minted 16 versions in all: 10 versions chosen by committee, one version won a Cache Crate coloring contest, three more are our Cache Advance versions, and Groundspeak did two versions as well (available at

Now you can get yours if you weren't able to attend an event, or round out your collection if you did! The Go Fish coins measure 2" tip to tail and are a variety of finishes and lots of fun colors. Pick the versions you like best, or take a whole school of Fish!

3. Jumbo Micro Cache Capsule - $9.95

RothcoCapsule-1This capsule is made from anodized aluminum and features a waterproof O-ring seal, and a swivel key ring and hook to give you plenty of hiding options.

The capsule has an inside diameter of about 1.3125 inches, so can fit most micro and nano coins (including the official FTF geocoin) and a bit of SWAG. The capsule itself measures about 2.75 inches long, 3 inches including the key ring holder.

4. Garmin Oregon 700 - $399.99

Garmin SeriesRugged GPS/GLONASS Handheld with Built-in Wi-Fi andMore!
The wireless Wi-Fi link and Bluetooth links on your Oregon 700 makes it easier than ever to enjoy a superior geocaching experience. You can set your device to automatically stay up to date with all the latest caches from No more manual entry of coordinates or printing out cache details on paper.


5. Trackable Grab Bags - $15-$50

A fun and random 'grab-bag' of trackables! Will include geocoins, tags or Cachekinz, all trackable at Perfect for stocking-stuffers, small or larger gifts, events, or just for fun trade. All un-activated and trackable at

6.  The Outside Box Gift Subscription

disc golfThe Outside Box is this year's new Monthly Subscription Box from Cache Advance with the mission to help you have and spend more time outside.  Each month we'll send you the supplies you need to play outside, one fun activity at a time, and the gear to help keep you safe and prepared for adventure!  Check out our unboxings on the blog here.

7.  Charlie - The Podcacher Chihuahua Cachkinz! - $6.49


This adorable Chihuahua named Charlie is ready to go geocaching with you or travel the world to help spread the word about all the geocaching goodness to be found at  They are fully trackable at, each with a unique tracking number so you can follow their travels. Made of aluminum, just like travel bugs, this fun traveler also comes with a chain so that it may be attached to another item.

Priced at $6.49 each, you can purchase a litter of 5 or more for only $5.75 each!

8.  Waterproof 30 Cal Ammo Can, Green or Purple!  - $9.95

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 11.26.19 AM

This 30 cal. can is intended to replicate the shape of an actual 30 cal. army surplus ammunition can. It offers the same capacity as a traditional 30 caliber military ammo can. Perfect for geocaching, and comes in purple, too...! Other features include: Water-resistant O-ring seal, Double padlock tabbed, Molded-in stacking ridges, Heavy-duty, latching systems

9.  Tool A Long Hiker - $9.95

A perfect stocking stuffer or hanging ornament gift for your tree!  The UST Tool A Long Hiker is a pocket-sized, stainless steel multi-tool that is designed to accomplish a variety of tasks outdoors or on the go. The included carabiner makes it easily accessible on your gear, belt, bags, and more. TSA-approved for safe travel.


A. Signal mirror
B. Pry tip
C. Cord Cutter
D. Hex wrench (two positions)
E. Can opener
F. Flathead screwdriver
G. Ruler (1in)
H. Butterfly wrench
I. Hex wrench (four positions)
J. Bottle opener

10.  Not sure what to get??  How about a Gift Certificate to Cache Advance!

Let the geocacher that seems to have everything shop for the gear they need - give them a gift certificate from Cache-Advance!  Perfect for last minute gifts.

What are your favorite geocaching gift ideas?  Share them with us in the comments!



The Cache Crate for October 2016 was sent a few weeks ago and we're pleased to give you a peek inside the box!  

In case you didn't know, a Cache Crate is a fun box of geocaching and outdoor gear delivered to your door!  Sign up for your Cache Crate by clicking here!

Cache (1)

Take a look inside:

GIFF Sticker


Get stickered up for GIFF!

The 2016 Geocaching International Film Festival will be held from November 3-7 at locations throughout the world. There will be 16 finalists who will be featured during the festival, and a special digital souvenir for all that attend an event!

GIFF Patch

Get patched up for GIFF too!

The Geocaching International Film Festival patch is 2.5 inches in diameter and can be used as an iron on or you can sew on to your favorite gear.  This patch is great for showing off at GIFF events, as SWAG for event hosts, or as a premium trade item!

Silica packets in a bag


Keep your cache dry with these silica packets!

Clakit StrapPack Pocket Pouch


​The CStrapPack Pocket Pouch is 6"H x 3.5"W x 1"D and designed to fit smartphones, wallets, snacks, pacifier, dog cookies - basically things you need often.  It also has a second thin pocket for money, permits and other small flat items. It is made of light weight cordura with a hook/loop flap. It is specifically made to fit the Clakit Clip so that you also have access to the ladder lock giving you options to connect a second accessory to the same Clakit Clip with 1" webbing.

Camo Jelly Bellys


A special selection of jelly beans inspired by the art of camouflage.

Trackable Addon:  Evil Clown Cachekinz


Featuring a custom icon, this fun new trackable known as Cachekinz might be a tad scary to find in any cache!  They are fully trackable at, each with a unique tracking number so you can follow their travels. Made of aluminum, just like travel bugs, these fun travelers also come with a chain so that it may be attached to another item.  These Cachekinz measure just under 2" square. Design by SirKarp!


Watch the unboxing video from the GC Doc:

You can get your own cache crate or start a subscription for the geocacher you love at the following links:

To buy the Individual Cache Crates:

To subscribe: in a new window

This month’s #GeoChallenge with the Geocaching Vlogger is to hide a geocache (!

Here are a few hiding tips to consider when hiding a geocache:

  • Cache placement: Hide a new cache where you want to bring visitors to see or experience something cool. This could be a great view, a nice area to explore, or simply a clever hide just for the find.
  • Remember to put a log book inside!
  • Keep in mind the changing of the seasons. That snowy white camo might look great in winter, but stick out in the spring and summer.
    • Will the leaves turn and fall later, exposing your cache? Or grow back and mess up your camo?
    • How will deep snow affect finding your cache? You might want to hide it above the expected snow level.
    • Near water? Will the water rise and wash it away, or recede and expose your cache?
  • Use appropriate attributes for your cache. You may even need to change these with the changing of the seasons.
  • Be sure to leave pencils, not pens, in the cache.
  • Use a water tight container.
  • Take multiple coordinates, or average the coordinates for your new hide.
  • Leave an FTF prize for the first finder. This can even be just a nice note!
  • We recommend marking the outside of your container clearly as an official geocache. You can simply write on it, or use a sticker like these small ones or larger ones.
  • Be sure that you have permission from the land manager to hide the cache.

Here are some more great resources for hiding a new geocache:

Geocache Listing Requirements / Guidelines
Regional Geocaching Policies Wiki
Geocache Ownership: A Long-Term Relationship

Do you have more?  Please share them in the comments below!

From classic ammo cans with a twist (can you say purple?), Jumbo Micros (really not an oxymoron), to tricky urban hides, we’ve got it all.

Here are a few Featured items - Small and Regular sizes:



Hefty Clip Lock Containers, available in 2.1 and .9 cup sizes. Perfect for small to regular sized cache placements!

  • This item contains no BPA
  • Ergonomic 4-hinge locking sides to seal out the elements
  • Scratch resistant easy open handles
  • Airtight container with silicon seal to lock out the elements
  • Freezer, Microwave, Dishwasher and Mostly Muggle Safe
  • Premium Product at Competitive Pricing
  • Second to none in engineered durability and clarity

Jumbo Micro Cache Capsule- Camo:

This capsule is made from anodized aluminum and features a waterproof O-ring seal, and a swivel key ring and hook to give you plenty of hiding options.

The capsule has an inside diameter of about 1.3125 inches, so can fit most micro and nano coins (including the official FTF geocoin) and a bit of SWAG. The capsule itself measures about 2.75 inches long, 3 inches including the key ring holder.

30 Cal Ammo Cans (Green & Purple!): 


This 30 cal. can is intended to replicate the shape of an actual 30 cal. army surplus ammunition can. It offers the same capacity as a traditional 30 caliber military ammo can. Perfect for geocaching, and comes in purple, too...!

Tricky caches:

Utility Plates:


This Magnetic Faceplate cover is a GREAT cache to hide! On the back there is enough room for the included log inside a zip lock bag, and two very strong magnets. The log bag has a small magnet inside to help keep it attached to the plate.



Bolts (Silver & Rusty): 

We've redesigned the Fake Bolt Cache!  The new bolts are wholly machined with a solid screw-on top. The magnet is nestled safely inside the top 'nut' which also protects it from the elements along with the o-ring.   Inside is still the same super secret compartment with a Rite in the Rain logbook and metal toggle for logbook retrieval. The new bolts still come in the ever popular Silver and Rust.


Do you have Geocache Hiding Tips?  Share them below!




GQotDPinterestHey Cachers! This is Lookout Lisa from Cache Advance, and I’m your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day.

Cache Advance is your geocaching hub for all of your caching needs, including the Cache Crate, a monthly subscription box of geocaching and outdoor gear.

Now you can hear the most recent recap on the Podcacher Podcast with the Geocaching Question of the Day weekly!  Tune in Sunday night for this week's question recap.

Monday through Thursdays, we ask our followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ a question about geocaching.  This week we go back in time to replay some of our older questions and found this one about GPS units.  

Last year we asked: What GPS unit (or phone...) did you use to find your first geocache?


  • After tallying all the answers, we found that the majority of cachers, or 62%, found their first cache with a handheld GPS. But, nearly 1 in 5, or 19%, used a Smartphone. Maps, compass and hints only came in at 12%.
  • So here’s what we heard:
    • Terry on G+ shared: First geocache was found on a windows mobile back in 2008.
    • Jerry on FB was an accidental geocacher. He shares: the 'first first' was an accidental find, so none. The first after I registered? hahahaha a Tom-Tom!
    • Lee on FB shared: The first cache I found was by the description only. I did not have a GPS yet.
      • I’ve cached with Lee many times and this doesn’t surprise me at all! He’s a natural.
    • TSMola01 shared: Garmin Etrex Legend with no base maps. Smartphones weren't even a thing yet, let alone a caching option when I started.
    • Like TSMola01, I found my first cache with a Garmin eTrex Venture with NO maps. I used that for my first 500 finds. Upgrading to color maps was like a whole new world! Pretty amazing how far the tech has come.

As always we really enjoyed hearing about geocaching, and you can too, if you-

-Follow us, Cache Advance, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for the Geocaching Question of the Day.

Got a NEW answer to add after all this time?  Please do in the comments, we'd love to hear it!

We were honored to have an exclusive launch of the Garmin 700, 750, and 750t launch at GeoWoodstock this month!  Here are some details on this new product!

Garmin SeriesOregon 700, 750 and 750t are rugged, versatile GPS and GLONASS handhelds that put more of the great outdoors at your fingertips, thanks to a redesigned antenna for better satellite reception in those challenging, out-of-the-way places. Other benefits include Active Weather support with animated radar overlays plus expanded wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, ANT+®) that includes live geocaches.

There’s also a shaded basemap, 3-axis compass with barometric altimeter, dual-orientation 3-inch touchscreen and much more. The 750 and 750t handhelds add a powerful 8 megapixel autofocus camera. The 750t also comes preloaded with TOPO U.S. 100K maps.

Get more details and specifications by clicking here for the product PDF.

We sold out at GeoWoodstock, but are now taking pre-orders for our next shipment this month!  You can click here to pre-order

Garmin 700

Garmin 750

Garmin 750t