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We recently asked: Are you planning to attend any Mega Events this year?

84% of cachers are planning to attend a Mega, and for many, more than one! GeoWoodstock topped the list, Going Caching came in second, and MWGB and Yuma tied for third in mentions. So here’s what we heard:

  • Alex on Facebook shared: I started planning my GeoTour road trip to GWXV on New Year's Day. Right now it looks like Denver-Mingo-Kansas City-St Louis-Memphis-Nashville-Chattanooga-Atlanta-Asheville-Waynesville-fly home from Charlotte.
  • Kip shared: Tri-Cities Geocoin Challenge! I went last year and it was the most fun I have had in a single geocaching day!
    • Kip, we’ll see you there!
  • Like many others, Adam is attending GWS and Going Caching. He shared: Thanks to my prime location I will be able to attend both GeoWoodstock and Going Caching.
  • For those wondering, Cache Advance plans to have a booth at GeoWoodstock, Tri Cities GeoChallenge and GeoCoinFest, some of our favorite Mega events. Speak from experience, if you are looking for a great 1-day all-around Mega, GeoWoodstock is great. However, Going Caching is amazing for a 4-5 day themed experience, topped off with the Mega Saturday.

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about Mega Events. You can to, if you-

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Thanks, and Happy Caching!

Many of us have had that one special pet that was our favorite in some way. All of my fur-babies in the past 50 years, both canine and feline, have been very special to me each in their own way. But my Border Collie, Eve, was so special to me in so many ways!

I found Eve at the last cage in our local shelter on the day our country went to war with Iraq in 2003. I had planned to wait until finishing my masters later that summer to adopt a canine companion, but found myself stalking the runs at both of the local shelters and then instantly bonding with Eve. I had started geocaching the previous year and really wanted a pooch to hike with on the trails. I’ve never had such a bond before, but I’d never had a Border Collie before either!


After clearing her of the kennel cough and getting caught up on vaccines, she started joining me out and about. She was 3 years old when I adopted her, had some training, but wow was she a quick study in housebreaking and how to be my best friend!



Eve was my constant companion out geocaching, camping, hiking, biking, herding the cats at home, and then my sounding board as I was starting and growing my business, Cache Advance, back in 2005. She came with me when I vended at Midwest GeoBash and the West Bend Ca$h Bash one summer –that was a great 3 week road trip, and we both got to meet so many more cachers!

Joining me in many more business trips over the years, Eve has been to two Geocaching HQs on three different occasions! She has even had her own badge at many Outdoor Retailer Markets in Salt Lake City, and was our official ‘booth babe’ when we exhibited there too. I think a lot of folks thought that she was my service dog as she was so attentive to her people and went with us everywhere!Eve-Ape-Cache

Many of you have met her at our booths at the Block Parties and other regional geocaching events as well. And of course Eve was always ready to greet cachers when Cache Advance was home based in the early days, and then at our store when we opened the second only Brick and Mortar geocaching store in the US.

Eventually Eve retired from traveling and events, but she could still be seen lounging at the Cave now and again, and she always enjoyed meeting cachers and being petted, even though she was going rather blind and deaf.

me_eve_winter2011 It is with a heavy heart that I share with you all that Eve crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in November of 2016. I was quite overcome with all the wonderful comments and remembrances of times with Eve that were posted on my personal Facebook page, so we wanted to be sure that our tribute to a most amazing caching canine, that touched so many, was also shared with our larger geocaching tribe.

We hope that Eve inspired more canine companion adoptions, and more hikes and more geocaching adventures shared with our dogs! Here’s to my best hiking buddy, our family companion, and our Cache Advance mascot, Eve!


GW14erWe sure had a blast at Geowoodstock 14er in July, and hope that you did too!

Our booth was busy from the minute the gates opened and it never slowed down until it was time to pack it up! There sure was a lot to do at Geowoodstock and the surrounding areas; although our team took turns to wander around, meet cachers and see the sights, I’m pretty sure we didn’t get to it all.


For us, the day was all about our partners, and how we could all work together to inspire and equip geocachers for adventure.

We started out the day with our partner, Garmin. We were honored to have the exclusive introduction of the Oregon 700 Series GPS units  at our booth, and we sold out quickly on the new Oregon 750t !

Next up was a fun visit from Podcachers Sonny, Sandy and Sean (http://www.podcacher.com/). Cache Advance was a sponsor of their trip to Geowoodstock. They also filmed the Cache Crate Hippy Van Race finale at our booth. This was right before Sonny fell ill that day, but we’re happy to see him recover so quickly!

TheGCDoc was next to visit us, and he had some fun with everyone and gave away some great prizes. Justin is also our official Cache Crate Unboxer; we love watching him and his family unboxing our Cache Crates and having fun with everything inside!

After packing up the booth we finished off the day by taking our team out for our traditional Italian dinner. Have a great year, and we’ll see you out on the trail, in our store, or at an event soon!



We were honored to have an exclusive launch of the Garmin 700, 750, and 750t launch at GeoWoodstock this month!  Here are some details on this new product!

Garmin SeriesOregon 700, 750 and 750t are rugged, versatile GPS and GLONASS handhelds that put more of the great outdoors at your fingertips, thanks to a redesigned antenna for better satellite reception in those challenging, out-of-the-way places. Other benefits include Active Weather support with animated radar overlays plus expanded wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, ANT+®) that includes live geocaches.

There’s also a shaded basemap, 3-axis compass with barometric altimeter, dual-orientation 3-inch touchscreen and much more. The 750 and 750t handhelds add a powerful 8 megapixel autofocus camera. The 750t also comes preloaded with TOPO U.S. 100K maps.

Get more details and specifications by clicking here for the product PDF.

We sold out at GeoWoodstock, but are now taking pre-orders for our next shipment this month!  You can click here to pre-order

Garmin 700

Garmin 750

Garmin 750t


GeoWoodstock is upon us! We have fun stuff and great specials planned for every hour at our booth this year, you won't want to miss out.

Check out this schedule of events:

GeoWoodstock Logo10 am

20% off all Dr. B's Cache Repair Kits

11 am

Exciting Garmin announcement and Demos

12 pm

Free geocaching safety gear for all sales over $30, while supplies last

1 pm

Hippy Van Race Finale - Special Guests: Podcachers

2 pm

Meet and greet with TheGCDoc, a Geocaching YouTuber, and a drawing for prizes!

3 pm

10% off all trackables

4 pm

Cache Crate Subscription Drawing


Cache Crate Drawing at GeoWoodstock

Enter for a Chance to Win a 6-Month Cache Crate Subscription!

Be sure to look in your GeoWoodstock registration bag and find our bright green flier. You can enter to win a 6-month Cache Crate subscription at GeoWoodstock!  Just fill in the registration, tear it off and turn it in at our booth by 4pm. 

Untitled design (3)

AND Pirate Coins Debut!

We're bringing 100 of these Dead Men Tell No Tales Pirate GeoCoins to GeoWoodstock! This is a Chris Mackey design. Stop by and get one this weekend!

Hope to see you this weekend!!

Mlogo2Did you know that over 60 movies have been filmed right here in Spokane? We have a pretty rich movie history, dating back to the early 1900s!

Some of the more famous ones include: Vision Quest (1985), Benny & Joon (1993), End Game (2006), The Cutter (2005), Home of the Brave (2006), The Grub Stake (1923) and Z Nation (2014 - Present).

Our Filmed in Spokane GeoTour will take you on a fun tour of many different filming locations and history around Spokane.  

This year we are offering Registration Packets if you want to get some cool GeoTour swag and help to offset some of our costs.

It is still free to attend all events and earn your geocoin, but we hope that you'll consider getting a Registration Packet

Benny and Joon

Filmed in Spokane GeoTour Schedule of Events

We have a lot planned for our Kick Off Weekend of July 15-17th.

Friday July 15:

Meet & Greet at the Cache Cave (GC6M93M)

6pm to 8:30pm

Come on out the Cache Cave to meet and greet your fellow GeoTourists and our Filmed in Spokane GeoTour Team. We'll have hot dogs and some basic beverages. Bring a bag of chips or a side dish to share if you like, but not required.

While the main GeoTour is launching on Saturday July 16th, we are hosting a pre-launch party for everyone to meet and mingle! Rumor has it that the first GeoTour cache will publish at sunset tonight. Be sure to bring a flashlight for later!

Saturday July 16:

Filmed in Spokane 2016 GeoTour Kick Off Event (GC6BJP9)

9 am:       Pick Up Registration Packets, coffee & snacks

9:30 am:  GeoTour Caches Publish

10 am:     Geocaching 101 -runs about 30 minutes

11:45 am: Last call for Registration Packets at this location

12 pm:      Relocating back to the Cache Cave for ongoing registration

Sunday July 17th:

Benny & Joon at the Garland Event: (GC6D0GP)

9:30 am:   Meet and Greet in the theater lobby

10:00 am: Movie begins

12:00 pm: Benny & Joon Trail Lab Caches publish

The Spokane GeoTour team has reserved the Garland Theater for a special showing of Benny & Joon! This is a Sunday morning matinee showing. Following the movie, we will publish the Benny & Joon Trail -Can you say LAB CACHES!! This is a special series of caches that will take you to many of the locations around Spokane that are featured in the movie.

Get your FREE MOVIE TICKETS HERE You must have a ticket to watch the movie, seating is limited. This event has gone viral on Facebook and we are charging the general public $6. We have reserved 200 FREE seats for geocachers: use the coupon code: tftm when you get your ticket.


From our traveling experts, Peanuts or Pretzels - this month's guest blog is for all of you who are traveling to GeoWoodstock soon!  Take it away, Liz and Josh!

Fun Things to do in Denver

It's almost here...one of the biggest Geocaching events in the world is about to take place in Denver, Colorado. Are you attending? Have you planned out your road trip to GeoWoodstock, including making your list of "must find" geocaches? Well don't forget to also look up some of the fun things to do in Denver during your visit. Denver is an awesome place, with so much fun to be had. Check out some of our picks for fun activities in Denver during your visit!

Denver Skyline at Blue Hour

For The Outdoor Enthusiasts

Colorado is home to some of the most scenic areas in all of the US. There are plenty of hiking, camping, and exploring opportunities for those who love to enjoy the great outdoors. One place that we highly recommend visiting is Rocky Mountain National Park. We love our national parks and it's always great to support them, but this is one of the best! The park is not far from Denver, in the mountains northwest of the city -- so it is particularly convenient for those travelers coming from the north of the west into town.

Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is another great park that's actually just 30 minutes from Denver, just a quick drive west into the mountains. With more than 12,000 acres of dense forest, there are plenty of hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as horseback riding. From the lookout, visitors can even see 100 miles of the continental divide!

Another epic place to visit in Colorado is the Garden of the Gods. Located south of Denver in Colorado Springs, this is a must-see for anyone coming from the south into Denver for GeoWoodstock -- and a highly recommended side-trip for visitors coming from other directions. Visitors can hike around and even climb on some of these amazing rocks, and kids will love the interactive activities in the "Kids Corner" at the visitor's center. But there are also exciting Jeep and Segway Tours to choose from, a truly unique way to experience this memorable place.

View of the Stage

Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park is also a highly recommended place to visit just outside of Denver. This natural amphitheater is a true wonder, but it also has an interesting visitor center...and it's just fun to walk around.

Oh, and there IS a Geocache hidden nearby...so don't forget to grab it (we found it)!
Geocaching at Red Rock in Colorado
Geocaching at Red Rocks in Colorado

For the True Adventurers & Adrenaline Junkies!

For those of you who might be looking for even more adventure during your visit to Denver, you won't be disappointed with the variety of exciting and even some extreme activities. Personally, we love ziplining because it combines a bit of adventure and excitement with the beautiful scenery. And what better place to go ziplining than around Denver - with those spectacular mountain views?!?!

zip lining, outdoor adventures, banning mills, zip lining in georgia, zip line georgia, best zip lines, things to do in georgia, travel blog, peanuts or pretzels, bloggers

Rocky Mountain Zipline Adventures is actually located up in the mountains fairly close to the Littleton area, where the main GeoWoodstock festivities are being held. But for those coming from the south, Broadmoor Soaring Adventure is a convenient option located in Colorado Springs.

If you are looking for something totally new and unique, then check out SUP-Glo Night Paddling right in Littleton! It's basically night time paddleboarding, and you have led lights on your board, which light up the water all around you. We've actually gone night paddle boarding before in Thailand, not Denver -- but it was by far one of the coolest things we've done! It's so peaceful and calm on the water, you can watch the sunset and see the stars, plus the fish actually come out and follow the led lights! So you can see them in the water, it's really cool. No need to worry, SUP-Glo is actually a great activity for kids and everyone in the family! Definitely check it out.

Of course, Denver has many other adventure activities to choose from -- such as white water rafting and rock climbing. In fact, if you are new and want to learn how to rock climb check out some of the half day beginner courses available which are also great for families!

For the Beer-Lovers Out There!

Beer-lovers rejoice, because they take their beer seriously around Denver! In fact, there are numerous opportunities for you to sample some of the finest beer around. Of course there is the big one, the Coors Brewery in Golden. We've done that tour before and really enjoyed the experience, and the sampling room!

But if you are more into the craft beer (as we are), then Denver won't disappoint! There are numerous craft breweries in the area. From Breckenridge Brewery, Avery Brewery, Boulder Beer, New Belgium Brewing, Great Divide Brewing Co. and more! But if you would rather sit back and let someone else drive you around on a beer tasting tour, then you will definitely want to check out the Denver Craft Beer Tour!


If you are more into wine then beer, then don't worry...Denver still has you covered with the Mile High Wine Tour!

For the Family or Non-Cachers Traveling With You

Being the Fourth of July holiday, we are sure that you may have some other family members traveling with you who want to do some other activities besides Geocaching. Places like the Denver Zoo or the Downtown Aquarium are a great way for those non-cachers to spend their day while you are enjoying the festivities. Other sites include the famous Molly Brown house, the 16th street Mall (which is great for walking), the Buffalo Bill Museum and even the Children's Museum of Denver or the Natural History Museum.

Buffalo Bill Museum

If you are looking for a way to see many of Denver's sights in an easy and convenient way (also good if you are history buff), then check out the Denver City Sightseeing Tour. But if you are also interested in some of the natural surroundings as well as the city, then how about the Denver Mountain Parks With Optional City Tour option.

Ultimate Guide to GeoWoodstock 14 Denver Co FB

Have Fun Planning Your Trip to Denver & Enjoy GeoWoodstock 2016!

We hope you have a blast in Denver. It's by far one of our favorite cities in the States, mostly because of the combination of amazing scenery and outdoor activities with great city attractions and museums. No matter if you are coming from the north, west, east, or south...there are lots of road side attractions and fun things to do along the way.

Just the Resource for You!

To help you plan out your route to GeoWoodstock in Denver, we've put together a complete GeoWoodstock 2016 Guide including interactive maps, highlighted Geocaches, GeoTours, road side attractions, and fun activities everyone will enjoy. We've also included some hotels and camp sites that are convenient for your travels -- so be sure to check it out today!

Don't delay, because the event is just around the corner.

Happy Travels & Happy Caching to you all!


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Josh and Liz
Caching Name: Peanuts or Pretzels

We're Josh & Liz, expert travelers who love a good Geocaching adventure. Visit our website Peanuts or Pretzels to find out how we can help make your trip planning easier and more fun...as well as incorporating Geocaching into your next vacation!

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GQotDPinterestHey Cachers! This is Lookout Lisa from Cache Advance, and I’m your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day.

Cache Advance is your geocaching hub for all of your caching needs, including the Cache Crate, a monthly subscription box of geocaching and outdoor gear.

Monday through Thursdays, we ask our followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+  a question about geocaching.

We recently asked: Did you (or are you planning to) attend a Leap Day event?

After tallying all the answers, we found a whopping 89% are attending Leap Day events, and many attended more than one!

So here is what we heard:

  • Jim on FB shared: Nope. I suppose I would had one been nearby after work. But only for the event. Not for that foolish souvenir. I already had to hide that because I found a few caches yesterday.
  • Derik on FB shared: Yup. I like souvenirs, and my fellow cachers.
  • David on Twitter shared: including one I hosted, I went to 4.
  • Michael shared: I created one since I have cached out the area.
  • Mark shared: Plan on attending one at lunch and one at 9pm and am hosting one from 6-8pm at which I'm raffling off some great swag that I got from cache advance.
    • Why Mark, you are welcome for the swag.
  • We hosted a Leap Day event at the Cache Cave, and it was standing room only, and that was 15 minutes BEFORE the event even started. Whew, a ton of fun, and lots of Leap Into Caching Frog Geocoins sold too.

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about Leap Day events, but you can as well, if you-

-Follow us, Cache Advance, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for the Geocaching Question of the Day.

Thanks, and Happy Caching!

Florida was our family vacation trip: something called Disney World & Universal Studios (geocaches) was taking us from Washington state across the country for a week of warmth, a refuge from Spokane's winter grip. Geocachers usually have ulterior motives on such trips, adding as many geocaching finds in as many places as they can possibly fit in while still enjoying Mickey Mouse.

First priority was selecting how to get there, 2,807 miles, 38 hours driving without traffic, 172 hours driving while finding geocaches, I was out voted ... we're flying. While checking flights online, one must consider many important factors; cost, departure, arrival time and layovers which may facilitate the finding of geocaches near the airport. We had 2 layovers. Unfortunately they was only one hour each at Salt Lake City and Cincinnati, which had a nearby virtual cache (GCB6FD). I could only hope for a delayed flight if I wanted to pick up any of these states as finds.

The weeks that led up to the trip were filled comparing prices at the parks, where to stay and of course what caches to find. I knew a visit to the only other brick and mortar geocaching store in the nation was a given, Space Coast Geocaching  on Merritt Island, Fl near the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

As the departure date neared, there were many evenings of repeated "pocket query" searches & making "Geocaching Lists" - favorite points, olds, virts, & earth caches. As I copied and printed all the requirements for the virtual geocaches so they would be easily accessible on a few sheets of paper, it brought back the memories of geocaching with my old Garmin HCX. Ahh ... the paper days of geocaching, no description or hints in the GPS.

I had my plan laid out well. The night before departure I'd run final "Pocket queries" and set up future "Pocket queries" to run automatically thru the trip so I would simply access Geocaching.com and load them via my laptop while in Florida. My plan was perfect until a storm packing near hurricane-force winds slammed into the Inland Northwest knocking out trees and power to over 200,000 customers including us. The PQ's would have to wait until we arrived in Florida.

As we left the storm ravaged area we arrived at our first layover. No delays, but I got a window seat and took some pictures of caches that lay below outside of Salt Lake City, Maple Mountain High, (GC8106) a 1x4 2002, 12-hour hiking cache, soon after came Denver and a super view of the site for upcoming GeoWoodstock 14er - 2016 (GC5Q1ET). I was looking forward to attending this event & hadn't even completed this trip yet. Cincinnati offered no cache finding...where's a delay when you need one? I need Ohio on my geo map!

We arrived safely in Orlando and I deployed my first weapon, a Garmin Nuvi I brought from home. No extra fees from the car rental company and I did manage to previously load it with geocaches, a great tool in a new area which shows the roads and the best way to get there. My Nuvi version showed where the toll roads were so that was a bonus in this area.

Once morning came we were off to the Disney Parks. These are not only some of the best theme parks on earth but each themed world has a virtual geocache (EPCOT has 2 virtuals!) These are probably the most expensive caches I've ever found (but well worth it) as you must buy a ticket to enter, with the exception of one at a Disney resort. The Magic Kingdom cache (GC10FB) is the oldest in these parks, July 2001 with over 900 favorite points, it's the most favorite pointed cache in Florida. The other virtuals are from 2002 so it was nice to add numbers to my Jasmer challenge.

Untitled designThe next day it was more parks then I got the golden ticket, I got a free day to geocache on my own! I dropped the kids at Disney and headed to Crockett's Wilderness Adventure (GCA402), a 2002 virt that included several waypoints. I got thru security at the main gate then found WP1, however the trails were closed for remodel for the next WP. I wasn't giving up and continued searching the grounds for another way to WP2, eventually finding another trail and set off with a successful find but I had paid dearly in time finding an alternate way.

Untitled design (1)




I headed south & found a few traditional caches, including a 4.5 x 1.5 cache, Evil - Tribute to the Master of Stress (GC54MDA) - it has over 50 finds and nearly as many DNF's. Once I found GZ, I began the search, palm trees & some tropical bush bigger than a fir tree, I widened my search and got lucky by just a glimpse of something out of place, a cool 5 minutes had passed by from start to finish. I can usually find a nano in the woods but not a small or regular geocache! I headed north as I hadn't planned on the many freeways causing such havoc on getting from location to location in this area.

I was in a newer area of Orlando and most the caches were just outside gated communities. I'd park the car just out the gate and make a made dash to the cache.  I found one ammo can and that was cool.

Florida caches are surely different than the Pacific Northwest, its flatter than a pancake, there's sand, big plants and many strange bugs, I got tangled in several spider webs just waiting for a geocacher meal. I jumped around and swatted virtual creatures off me several times. Then there's the possibility of an alligator...I kind of wanted to see one and kind of didn't want to meet up with one.

After a long series of DNF's I headed east on another toll road. The closest thing to toll roads at home is a bridge 280 miles away in Seattle. I brought plenty of spare change with me and got pretty good at tossing my change into the cache (cash) tube.

I arrived at an old Orlando cemetery "Home of Very Distinguished Roots" cache GCGGT a 2003 virt. The warm Florida rain soon drizzled, then poured down to help me with my finds. There we're several other caches nearby and then another nearby 2003 virt and a few traditionals. The sun was setting and I needed to get back and call it a day.

We continued with Universal Studios where I logged another virt "Divided we fall" GC73A6, a section of the Berlin Wall, very historic and the 2nd piece of wall I've found, both having a geocache. The first was near Hope, Idaho "Fieldtrip of History" GCGRCF.

Another cache type I did pocket queries for was event caches. There were three nearby events three days before we arrived & a day after we left! It would have been fun to meet up with other cachers from around the world.  I had also brought along my magnetic travel bug & stuck it to the back of our rental car hoping another geocacher would discover us along a busy road or parking lot. None discovered us but it was still fun to display.

Soon we were heading east to the Atlantic Ocean via Hwy 528 & a series of coin tossing cache toll booths - it was almost like doing a multi cache!

Space Coast was the first stop. It was awesome seeing another geocaching store and Dale & Barbs was similar to the Cache Advance store. They had quite a collection of geo goods and hospitality to boot! After looking at everything on the shelves & walls I even found a bottle of Cache Advance wine which I suggested we pop open! It was time to discover the many trackables they had to share with visiting geocachers. There was even a collection of Pathtags on a refrigerator door that had tags from cachers back home; Kidvegas19, Chumpo, Mtngoat50 & others.
I had brought some trackables from home to exchange too. I had already taken a few of the trackables into the Disney Parks and included them in part of the trip taking photos of them (minus the TB numbers) then posted them on the trackables log page.

Untitled design (2)

I highly recommend anyone going to Florida to make sure they stop by and check out the big ammo can geocache and Dale & Barbs store which has the 2nd highest favorite points in Florida.

The warm waters of the Atlantic was our next quest & we got prime directions to a public beach complete with an earthcache "Molly Says Sand, do you dig it?" GC32Z0C. After some excavation in the sand and fulfilling the requirements I deployed my two meter parafoil stunt kite & buzzed the sky while standing in the warm ocean, pretty cool.

Untitled design (3)

Cocoa Beach provided souvenir shops then we had "Chinese picnic" at a restaurant that specialized in take-out. The food was good, well-priced and we were starving! Chinese food with paper plates and plastic silverware, it was classic!

The last days we finished up the theme parks, the virtual caches. Then up early for a morning flight taking us to Minneapolis, Minnesota another one hour layover, there was a nearby virt "Falcon" GCJAHG, however the cache was disabled as the museum was closed for the season. There were a few other close traditional geocaches however a person can't get a delayed flight when they want one! We spent the extra time on the tarmac being de-iced for the return to Spokane.

Flying across the northern states crossing cache after cache, I'd been down there via Amtrak a few years ago and cached my way to Chicago, Los Angeles and back to Spokane. Altitude decreasing, I was recognizing these mountains in Idaho - hey I'd been on the top of that one, "4x4 series, Top of the World" GC5AVX3 & gotten FTF with BruhnWa, & there was the St. Joe River and Lake Coeur d'Alene. Gear lowering, flaps down, tires screeching, were back to snowy Spokane.

It was a great trip, I found 19 caches; 9 virtuals, 1 earthcache & a handful of DNF's.

Traveling is a great way to see the hidden unique places, away from the theme parks and the crowds.

If you geocache, prepare with "Pocket query searches", make geocaching "Lists," find the types and difficulty terrain caches you enjoy, and be familiar with how your GPS or phone operates while caching, and you will have a great trip too!


GQotDPinterestHey Cachers! This is Lookout Lisa from Cache Advance, and I’m your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day.

Cache Advance is your geocaching hub for all of your caching needs, including the Cache Crate, a monthly subscription box of geocaching and outdoor gear.

Monday through Thursdays, we ask our followers onFacebook, Twitter and Google+  a question about geocaching.

We recently asked: How many geocaching events have you attended?

After tallying all the answers, we found that cachers have attended 63.5 events on average. I’ve found that once a newer cacher attends their first event, they are usually hooked and go to as many as they can. And we can be a pretty social bunch!

So here is what we heard:

  • Adam on FB shared: As of today I have attended 2 Megas, 40 Events, and 10 CITOs. I go to events as often as I possibly can! It's always a great excuse to meet up with my friends who seem to primarily be cachers these days
  • Maryann really hit the ground running. She shared: we have attended 15 in the 6 months that we have be caching.
  • Peter shared: 151. But we don't log our own events, as some do. So it might be more...
    • Today we asked about logging your own events –very interesting reading!!
  • So for those wondering, I have 271 events logged, but as usual I’m a little behind in my logging so it should be a tad higher. Yes, as a professional cacher, it is my job to attend events. What can I say?

As always we really enjoyed hearing about geocaching events, and you can too, if you-

-Follow us, Cache Advance, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for the Geocaching Question of the Day.

Thanks, and Happy Caching!