Cache Crates for December were sent out a few weeks ago and we're pleased to give you a peek inside the box!

In case you didn't know, a Cache Crates is a fun box of geocaching and outdoor gear delivered to your door!  Sign up for your Cache Crate by clicking here!

A Look Inside


Here's a breakdown of the items inside the December 2015 Cache Crate:

Halletts Chocolates


Assorted Chocolates from our local friends, Halletts Chocolates!

Handwarmers, 3 Pair


Heat-Up Hand Warmers are perfect for when the elements are cold. Great for campers, hunters, backpackers and outdoorsmen.


Matchholder Cache


These make nifty micro caches, and are also perfect for keeping your matches safe and dry. Gasket on the lid helps keep out the water. Match striker is on the bottom of container.

Red and Green Bison Ball


Small storage device that you'll carry with you where ever your keys go.  A Popular Geocaching container to store small hidden treasures within or next clue.

Trackable Addon: Red and Green QR Tech Tags


The first of it kind, uses the QR code to take you right to the page for that trackable. No need to enter the tracking code anymore after going to! Each tag is unique which makes this much more difficult to mass produce, but in an effort to push the boundaries we have created the Technology Tag.

Watch the December 2015 Unboxing on YouTube:

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It’s December and winter is approaching quickly! Cache Crates for November were sent out a few weeks ago and we're pleased to give you a peek inside the box!

Cache Crates for November were sent out a few weeks ago and we're pleased to give you a peek inside the box!

In case you didn't know, a Cache Crates is a fun box of geocaching and outdoor gear delivered to your door!  Sign up for your Cache Crate by clicking here!


Here's a breakdown of the items inside the November Cache Crate:

Magnigrip Tweezer Magnifier Combo


The OD-55 MagniGrip™ is a classic style magnifier with that comes with attached fine-point tweezers. The MagniGrip™ has a lightweight frame that houses a 4.5x acrylic magnifier that gives a clear magnification of the subject. With the attached fine-point tweezers, the user can easily work on small items and always have great visibility. It is a great tool for a multitude of activities, be it hobbies and modeling, tying the perfect fly fishing knot or removing splinters.

RŌP™ Wire Tie, 6in,  2-Pack, Red


These RŌP utility ties are so versatile that you can use them for virtually everything. Whether you want to organize small accessories like earphone cords, wires, and keys, or tie bags, bundle flowers, or make a hook, you'll wonder how you managed without these utility ties for so long.

• Silicone-encased stainless steel wire
• Reusable, durable design
• Textured surface provides non-slip grip
• Will not scratch or mark surfaces
• Weather-resistant – for indoor or outdoor use
• Bends into any shape, such as a hook
• Manages cords and cables, ties bags, bundles flowers, etc.
• Ideal for camping, backpacking, and more

Make Your Own Wristband Kit -Blue Spec Camo


All the supplies you'll need to create your own paracord wristband! This makes a fun project for kids and grownups alike, a great FTF gift for your new cache, or a unique event prize item that everyone will enjoy.

Yellow Smiley Face Rubber Luggage Tag


Just in time for holiday travel, or for your geo-bag!  These neon smiley face luggage tags will bring a smile to your face when you're one of the first to find your luggage on the conveyor belt.

**Trackable Addon: 3" Clear/White TB decal.

Also the box included a link to view this valuable article:  12 Tips for Attending Geocaching Events

Watch the November 2015 Cache Crate unboxing video below:


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Finding GZ (Ground Zero) where a cache is hidden and making the find can be fun, exciting and frustrating. Sometimes just finding your way to GZ is a task in itself, it can involve a hike, a bike ride or just trying to find the entrance to access GZ from a trailhead or opening in a fence.

When looking for GZ, try to do some recon first.
If you're using a GPS and using Pocket Queries or GSAK (, use some of the filters and keep your selections simpler by excluding Mystery Caches (they generally aren't at the posted coords until you solve the mystery), if you are a beginning geocacher, exclude "Higher difficulty & terrain caches" also be sure to select "Enabled caches" so you aren't searching for a cache that is temporarily missing, run your pocket queries the night before or morning you go caching so your search information is up to date.

Trailhead_parking_area_signCheck for parking coordinates or trailhead waypoints
Sometimes you may have to circle around GZ a few times. For example, one side may be a shopping center, another side no trespassing signs, but on the other side, in between those two trees is a neighborhood greenspace trail access. Be sure to park your geo vehicle so you aren't blocking anyone or access lanes.
While walking to GZ you might take a rest break and read up on the hint or description so when you arrive you are ready to look for that cache.

Once at GZ, take a look around, what stands out?
Is it flat and barren? Rocky? Trees scattered here and there? Take a quick look around. Where does your GPS or phone show as GZ? Perhaps you'll find GZ and the cache right next to a tree covered with geo sticks (usually a unnatural pile of sticks covering the cache.)

If you come up empty, take a look at the size rating of the cache and the D/T (difficulty/terrain) ratings, a higher difficulty means you might be spending some time here and may even DNF (did not find) it and have to return another time to make the find. That's part of the fun. Most of us still have caches we can't find.

Make sure you're looking at the correct cache on your GPS or phone.
Read the hint and description again and check the logs to see when it was last found and if any clues were left for hints. Just because the last few finders didn't make the find, doesn't mean it is not there; perhaps they had only a few minutes to search or didn't jump the small creek to find the actual GZ and the cache.

It depends on the cache owner too. What type of device did they get their coordinates from? Phones tend to have not as good of coordinates, did they average their readings or take several coordinates and average them to narrow down GZ?

FTFMicroCoin-1If you're trying for an FTF (First To Find) you may not have a lot to go on - no previous logs and perhaps the description may be missing some info, a parking coordinates or hint.
Usually at FTFs you'll be soon joined by more geocachers to help make the find if you're having difficulties and its a great way to meet fellow geocachers.

Hopefully by now you've made the find and are happily entering "Found" in your device and heading to the next GZ. If not, and you are hopelessly stuck trying to make the find, take a break, sit down, get a drink and refresh yourself and re-read the description, hint, D/T ratings and logs.

Once you are ready, start outside GZ and begin moving towards where you believe GZ is located.
A GPS needs to be moving to get good readings, so don't stand in one spot and spin - move back and forth a few times to get the readings down around 20 feet or less then put your GPS device in your pocket and start looking around. Use your "Geo senses" - what doesn't look natural, what stands out? Is there a fence, large rocks and a tree 50' away? Probably not in the tree, are you on a hillside or are large buildings or trees blocking the satellites? GZ could be further away than you think. Once you find GZ with that large rock with the mysterious crevice, just don't reach in and grab, it might be a home for a critter or nasty insects, try your flashlight or a stick to see what may be inside.

When GZ is in a bush or heavy ground cover, I use my walking stick to probe around the green mass of plants. It saves the plant, doesn't dig up the area and saves your arms. With repeated probes, you may soon hear the clunk or a cache, or an aluminum can that you can CITO (Cache in trash out.)

tricky-find-postIf you still can't make the find, know when to give up.
When you get frustrated trying to find the cache, its time to either take another break or move along. Spending 2 hours looking for a cache my be buckets of fun to some but I'd rather keep finding caches and move to the next and return another time with a new clue or maybe the cache is just gone.

After you do find GZ and the cache, leave a good log for the cacher who hid it, a TFTC (Thanks For The Cache) shows you found it, a little longer log of "Great cache and beautiful area, thanks for bringing me here" shows the cache owner they are appreciated for the effort they put out finding GZ and hiding the cache in a fun, find-able way.

--This article was written by Scareway, Cache Advance Team member.  These tips were part of the October 2015 Cache Crate!  Click Here to up today to start your Cache Crate subscription.

TOP 10(2)Greetings! As you know, at Cache Advance we’ve been crazy busy getting our geocaching gear assembled, packaged and shipped out from our door to yours!

We’ve put together some of our very best selling fun geocaching stuff for you here. This is our top 10 Geocaching Gifts list – our best selling gifts that are sure to delight the geocacher on your list.

1. Cache Crate Subscription - Starts at $19/month
Who wouldn't like to get a fun box of geocaching and awesome outdoor gear delivered to your door every month? Sign up for the membership level you want to give, and we'll send out a box of great gear! You can pay ahead, or pay as you go with lots of monthly options to suit your needs. Take a look inside a cache crate by clicking here.



2. TOTT: Tools of the Trade Kit $27.95
TOTTKitTOTT Kit is the perfect geocache extraction and logging kit!  This awesome kit has everything you need for extracting most logs, writing on any paper, and log replacement. Pictured is the Orange Space Pen: your choice of Black, Orange or Pink Pen!

-MagniGrip magnifier and tweezers
-Log Roller with one Rite in the Rain log
-Integra Fine Point Permanent Marker
-Rite In The Rain Fisher Space Pen (black ink) -you choice of color!

TrickyCachePack-1Does the cacher in your life like hard to find caches? Then this Tricky Cache Pack is for them! This Cache Pack has a great variety of sneaky caches, and includes:

  -Bolt cache*
-Utility plate cache*
-Baby soda bottle cache
-Rock cache
-Nano cache

The Tricky Cache Pack comes in its own clear bag, perfect for giving as a gift or adding to your own cache bag  Read more...


 4. Vehicle Travel Bug: $7.95 to $11.95
Our Vinyl Decal Travel Bugs look great, and are easy to apply. They are made of professional grade vinyl, so they'll stay put. The reflective decals are very bright when a light shines on them in the dark!!



CMIYC-15.  Cache Me If You Can Game - $39.95
The Geocaching Board game that is easy  to learn, fun to play, and never plays the same way twice!

The game dynamics change with each board setup.
It's all here. Caches, geocoins, hazards, multi-caches, puzzle caches, muggles and even a Swag Store. Just like real geocaching, there are surprises along the way!


6. Dr. B's Cache Repair Kit: $9.95
Kit is very 'stuffable' and compact: measuring only about 6" x 7", and weighing in just a few ounces.

What's inside:
    • 1 Permanent Marker
    • Rite in the Rain ® Mini Logbooks
    • Rite in the Rain ® Micro Logs
    • Rite in the Rain ® Nano Logs
    • Golf Pencils
    • Metal Pencil Sharpener -very high quality
    • FTF (First To Fix) Tokens -sign and leave in a repaired cache
    • Ziplock Bags (Assorted sizes, 4 mil strength)
    • Cool Bag! (Water Resistant, Denier Polyester)



7. Cachekinz $4.95 each!
Big kids and little kids love our Cachekinz! We have dozens of fun and colorful trackable Cachekinz for you to choose. Cute and fun animals, legendary creatures, ocean inhabitants and prehistoric ones too!  Makes a great stocking stuffer or ornament gift for your tree.



8. Dr. B's Newbie Kit $21.95
Just the ticket for new cachers! This geocaching kit has everything needed to get started in the fun & entertaining adventure game for GPS users.

A perfect gift for new cachers, teachers, group leaders, or if you are just getting started in your new hobby!Just Add GPS & Sense of Adventure!


9. Ultimate Trackable Lanyard -$29.95
We don't call this the Ultimate Lanyard for nothing. GeoKnots took all the things that geocachers need in a lanyard, and made it even better. You won't have to trust your expensive GPS, smart phones, cameras, and other electronic gear to a flimsy strap any longer.

Each Ultimate Lanyard is proudly made by geocachers, for geocachers from super-strong U.S.-made survival paracord. Plus - it's trackable!Each Ultimate Lanyard system includes:

  • Fully adjustable length to comfortably fit any geocacher.
  • Two interchangeable, quick-disconnect attachment ends for your GPS or other equipment (3in long and 6in long) for additional flexibility. Read more...


10. D5 Cache Kit $39.95
This kit includes 5 tricky caches, perfect for the hider on your list. This Cache Pack has a great variety of sneaky caches, and includes:

-Evil Cable Cache
-Golf Ball Cache
-Bolt cache*
-Gum Cache*
-Reflector Cache*

The D5 comes in its own clear bag packaging, perfect for giving as a gift or adding to your own cache bag. Have yourself a high difficulty set of caches! (*magnetic)


Still at a loss?  Visit our Gift Suggestions Page to get more ideas on the perfect gift for the cacher on your list.  And don't forget to make yourself a wish list! Log into (it's free!) and place any item on your wishlist.  Share your wishlist with your friends and family and you are done!  It's that simple!

Which of these items are on YOUR wishlist?  Share in the comments!

TOP 10

It's Friday and we are having a "FLASHBACK" post featuring a look inside of the June 2015 Cache Crate!  In case you didn't know, a Cache Crates is a fun box of geocaching and outdoor gear delivered to your door!  Sign up for your Cache Crate by clicking here!

June Cache Crates are all about safety out on the trail. For the addon trackable we included a puppy Cachekinz –taking a dog caching is usually a safe bet!


What’s inside:

Sunsect Insect Repellant and Sunscreen -2 packets


Most people have no idea that using insect repellent and sunscreen together actually deactivate each other by up to 50%. However, that is not a problem for Sunsect. Sunsect is a patented insect repellent + sunscreen (DEET is our active ingredient) combination product that provides lasting protection against biting insects and damaging sunrays. Trusted by the U.S. military for 15 + years, Sunsect is now available to the general public. It repels mosquitoes, ticks, no-see-ums, black flies, sand gnats, gnats, chiggers, chitras and other disease-carrying, biting insects. It is safe for children, unscented, non-greasy, water resistant, dries clear and lasts for hours. Sunsect is Made in the USA!




Compass Combo


Compass Combo is a liquid-filled compass with a Fahrenheit thermometer and whistle. Can be used for some field puzzle caches too!




Learn & Live cards – Wayfinding

WayFindingCardsThe Way Finding Card set describes a variety of navigation tools and provides how-to directions so you can learn to orient yourself in the outdoors and locate your destination during your outdoor activities. Part of the Learn and Live Card Collection, these Way Finding Cards are a convenient and fun learning tool.

  • Includes step-by-step instructions for using a compass with a map
  • Photographic examples included with each method
  • Nine cards are attached with a grommet so all cards stay together
  • Laminated for water-resistance


Emergency Poncho


The Emergency Poncho is ultra-lightweight, compact and perfect to have on hand when you need protection from outdoor elements.






Repair Salve


Made by the same folks that made the Green Goo we shipped back in February. Repair is a blend of organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil. These antioxidant rich oils rebuild and replenish damaged skin while providing cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.



***Puppy Cachekinz

This fun trackable known as Cachekinz will be a delight to find in any cache!  They are fully trackable at, each with a unique tracking number so you can follow their travels. Made of aluminum, just like travel bugs, these fun travelers also come with a chain so that it may be attached to another item.


Watch the video of the unboxing by The Geocaching Doc on YouTube!

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It’s October and autumn is finally here! Cache Crates for October were sent out a few weeks ago and we're pleased to give you a peek inside this month's box!



Hunter's Specialties Adult Mesh Safety Ve02006vest-1st:
Vest provides over 700 square inches of safety orange to help hunters stay visible. It has an adjustable front closure and non-restricting elastic side straps. One size fits most.




Logroller-1Log Roller:
Tired of hand rolling all those nano and micro logs?? Fear them no more with our log rollers! These are made in the US by geocachers for geocachers. These average 3-4 inches long, and all include a handy ring so you can add yours to your lanyard or whatever. Super lightweight and sturdy, they make micro rolling a snap.



nanoBlack Magnetic Nano:

This sneaky little black magnetic nano cache is the perfect geocache for blending into the shadows. Perfect for part of a multi or that challenging urban 5 star, these nanos are very fun and challenging to find. Each container comes with one (1) Rite in the Rain nano log.



waffle-gingersnap-webHoney Stinger Organic Gingersnap Waffle
A thin layer of honey infused with variety of spices including ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of molasses sandwiched between two thin waffles. The subtle ginger flavor and honey will satisfy your taste buds and keep you going as an afternoon snack, during your favorite activity or go great with your cup of coffee or tea. Certified USDA organic.



halloween-tag-both_sides*** Trackable Addon: Landsharkz 2015 Halloween Tag
From our friends north of the border, Landsharkz. This trackable tag features a very spooky Halloween scene.  The tag says Happy Halloween on one side and has the tracking code on the other. Trackable at




Also all our cache crate subscribers received a Link to view "Turning a Tricky Find into a Treat!"  Click HERE to read it!


Watch the video from Geocaching Doc on Youtube!

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