Welcome to the Great Cache Crate-To-Geowoodstock Travel Bug Race of 2016!


Cache Crate Members: By now you have unboxed your January 2016 Cache Crate, and found your GW Blue Hippy Van Cachekinz. Congratulations!

Steps to enter the race:

  1. Adopt it here: Racer Adoption Page
  2. Start your engine and release your racer!
  3. Sit back and watch the race here: TB Race Page

If you don't know what we are talking about, please continue.... 😉

We realize you may have some questions:

  • What is a Travel Bug race?
  • What is a Geowoodstock?
  • What does this have to do with my Cache Crate?
  • Does it cost anything?
  • Are there prizes to be won?
  • Is a pot luck involved?
  • Are there rules?

As subject matter experts we will be able to answer these questions, or at least make something up.  Let’s begin!

What is a Travel Bug Race?
Simply put, a Travel Bug Race is an organized endeavor of cachers (often many) releasing trackables into the wild, each trackable has the same destination goal.  The owner of the trackable to accomplish the goal first wins!

What is a Geowoodstock?
Geowoodstock is a yearly event held in a different city in the U.S. on either the Memorial Day or Fourth of July weekends. That being said, the first Geowoodstock was held in Louisville, Kentucky on June 21, 2003, LOL! The fourth Geowoodstock in Dallas, Texas on May 27, 2006 was the first to be a Mega event (500+ attendees).  All of the subsequent Geowoodstocks have easily been Mega events and seem to grow every year.

The upcoming Geowoodstock in Denver, Colorado (which will be the 14th) is making the push to be the first Giga event in the U.S. (5,000+ attendees).  The day is filled with many different activities, food, vendors, seminars or breakout sessions, interesting caches in the area, and now-a-days, Lab Caches. While Geowoodstock proper is but a single day, there are many events held surrounding the main event – often two or three days ahead of the big day!  Here is a bookmark list of all the Geowoodstocks.

What does this have to do with my Cache Crate?
This month the Cache Crate sets you up to join the race!  A special Blue Hippy Van Cachekinz trackable is part of the package. It is special because it is already activated. You just need to simply adopt it and send it on its way to Denver! Only Cache Crate subscribers and a very few select Geo-celebrities are in the race.  If you have more questions, need more info, want to learn about travel bug etiquette, or simply want to sport some funny trash talk please go to the Cache Crate Facebook Group.

Does it cost anything?
No it does not. No entry fees, no driver salaries, no gas and tire bills, no judges bribes.  All of that is taken care of for you.

Are there prizes?

  • 1st place wins a 3 month Cache Crate subscription extension
  • 2nd place wins a complete GW Hippy Van Cachekinz set
  • 3rd place wins a bonus Cache Crate

Other prizes will be announced between now and Geowoodstock so stay tuned!

Is a pot luck involved?

Are there rules?
You bet! The race is from your Cache Crate to the Cache Advance booth that will be set up at Geowoodstock 14 in the Botanical Gardens, Chatfield location Southwest of Denver. The Blue Hippy Van Cachkinz closest to the booth on Sunday, July 3rd at Noon Denver time will be declared the winner. That seems simple enough right?  Well it is.  A little too simple really so not only must your Blue Hippy Van Cachekinz  win, place, or show but it must also:

  1. “Be in the hands of” 14 different (unique) Geocachers. Discovers don’t count. Grabbed and Retrieved do count.
  2. Travel a minimum of 1,400 miles.

Winner will be chosen by random drawing should more than one Blue Hippy Van Cachekinz make it to the booth that meets the eligibility requirements above.

Cachers - start your engines!