A Look Inside the December 2015 Cache Crate!

Cache Crates for December were sent out a few weeks ago and we're pleased to give you a peek inside the box!

In case you didn't know, a Cache Crates is a fun box of geocaching and outdoor gear delivered to your door!  Sign up for your Cache Crate by clicking here!

A Look Inside


Here's a breakdown of the items inside the December 2015 Cache Crate:

Halletts Chocolates


Assorted Chocolates from our local friends, Halletts Chocolates!

Handwarmers, 3 Pair


Heat-Up Hand Warmers are perfect for when the elements are cold. Great for campers, hunters, backpackers and outdoorsmen.


Matchholder Cache


These make nifty micro caches, and are also perfect for keeping your matches safe and dry. Gasket on the lid helps keep out the water. Match striker is on the bottom of container.

Red and Green Bison Ball


Small storage device that you'll carry with you where ever your keys go.  A Popular Geocaching container to store small hidden treasures within or next clue.

Trackable Addon: Red and Green QR Tech Tags


The first of it kind, uses the QR code to take you right to the page for that trackable. No need to enter the tracking code anymore after going to www.geocaching.com/track! Each tag is unique which makes this much more difficult to mass produce, but in an effort to push the boundaries we have created the Technology Tag.

Watch the December 2015 Unboxing on YouTube:

A Look Inside (1)You can get your own cache crate or start a subscription for the geocacher you love at the following links:

To buy the Individual Cache Crates:

To subscribe:
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