Weekend RePlay: Are you planning to attend or host a Pi Day event on 3.14.15?

Hey Cachers! This is Lookout Lisa from Cache Advance, and I’m your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day.

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Monday through Thursdays, we ask our followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ a question about geocaching.  On the weekends, we go back to replay some of our older questions and found one about Pi Day 2015!

Earlier this year we asked: Are you planning to attend or host a Pi Day event on 3.14.15?

  • After tallying all the answers, we found the overwhelming majority, 87%, are attending or hosting a Pi Day Event. Some more than one!
  • So here’s what we heard:
    • CallahanMat shared on T: Absolutely. Would never miss a chance for a souvenir.
    • Louis on G+ shared: Since I can't make any events during the day time, I took the easy way out and am hosting an event at 9:26 pm.  "I want my (Pizza) Pi Souvenir!”
    • April on FB shared: Heck yes! I know it's a math celebration but almost always there is PIE! How do you say no to that?
    • And speaking of Pi, we sold out of our 2 geocoin Pi Day versions (pumpkin and radioactive) in just a few hours last week. We are still taking pre-orders at our website for another minting. Unfortunately due to the Chinese New Year holiday we won’t get them in before Pi Day, but it’s still a really cool coin to get!

As always we really enjoyed hearing about Pi Day events, and you can too, if you-

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What did you do on Pi Day this year?  Tell us in the comments!  And don't forget to pre-order your Pi Day 2016 Geocoin!

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