Flashback Friday: What GPS unit did you use to find your first geocache?

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Monday through Thursdays, we ask our followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ a question about geocaching.  This week we go back in time to replay some of our older questions and found this one about GPS units.  

Last year we asked: What GPS unit (or phone...) did you use to find your first geocache?


  • After tallying all the answers, we found that the majority of cachers, or 62%, found their first cache with a handheld GPS. But, nearly 1 in 5, or 19%, used a Smartphone. Maps, compass and hints only came in at 12%.
  • So here’s what we heard:
    • Terry on G+ shared: First geocache was found on a windows mobile back in 2008.
    • Jerry on FB was an accidental geocacher. He shares: the 'first first' was an accidental find, so none. The first after I registered? hahahaha a Tom-Tom!
    • Lee on FB shared: The first cache I found was by the description only. I did not have a GPS yet.
      • I’ve cached with Lee many times and this doesn’t surprise me at all! He’s a natural.
    • TSMola01 shared: Garmin Etrex Legend with no base maps. Smartphones weren't even a thing yet, let alone a caching option when I started.
    • Like TSMola01, I found my first cache with a Garmin eTrex Venture with NO maps. I used that for my first 500 finds. Upgrading to color maps was like a whole new world! Pretty amazing how far the tech has come.

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