Trip Report – Going Caching Mega 2015

Going Caching is one of the most unique Mega events, hands down!


Cache Advance attended and vended for the first time last year, 2014. We had such a good time that we decided to not vend, and just attend, this year. We did support our reseller, Space Coast Geocaching Store, in their booth throughout the weekend, but our main goal was to just geocache and have a great time.

We arrived in Rome early Thursday morning (1am), got a little shut-eye and then headed over to the Kingdoms on Parade Flash Mob (


This was really fun to see all the Renaissance costumes and cross over into Rome with our Kingdom. 20151017_163824We choose Cygnus for our kingdom: and we worked hard all weekend to bring honor to our kingdom.

We collected our cards, did some trading, and then sat down for lunch and worked out the puzzles and decoder coin to collect our stamps for the appeasements to enter the castle. That night was an amazing geocaching trivia at the Brave's stadium (, hosted by It’s All Just Trivial. We won best team name (It's all fun and games until someone looses an eye) and then we won the first round too! It was all downhill after that, even with team Podcacher on our team... but we had a blast nonetheless.

Friday we attended the Seven Kingdoms Challenge Coffee Klatch (GC5695F), found some special caches, lab caches and stormed 20151016_125949the castle. I don't know how it happened, but we were the first team to go through the castle and all 4 escape rooms (like the previous year) --Huzzah!! It is always more challenging to have a handful of the Going Caching Crew watching you like a hawk as you go through their special rooms! We then played most of the kingdom games and strolled though the vendors. This was the first Mega event that we've attended and NOT vended at, so this was a little strange for us to just browse and shop!

20151018_121905Saturday dawned mostly clear... or so we hear! We spent the morning visiting at Going Caching 2015 Mega-Event: A Roman Renaissance (GC5695A) and then geocaching around the area for some challenges and special caches.

We returned to the venue just in time for the Turkey Leg lunch, and then the East Meets West event at our reseller's booth, Space Coast Geocaching Store. We had a blast helping them at the booth, and handing out prizes and meeting lots of cachers! Later we danced the night way at the The Queen's Masquerade Ball (GC5695K).

More caching on Sunday, including crawling into TWO tunnels and some great hikes with Team Podcacher too! Monday we checked out of our hotel and cached our way back to the Atlanta airport. We did grab both of the virtual caches there before going through security and flying off into the sunset.

Going Caching is such a unique series of events; if you can only make a few Mega events, we recommend putting this one high on your list.


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