Take a Look Inside the February 2016 Cache Crate!

February 2016 Cache Crates were sent weeks ago and we're pleased to give you a peek inside the box!

In case you didn't know, a Cache Crates is a fun box of geocaching and outdoor gear delivered to your door!  Sign up for your Cache Crate by clicking here!


Here's what was inside:

Stuff-It™ Red - SN-50MO

The SN-50, Stuff-It™ is a patent pending lens cleaning system that features a super-soft microfiber lens cloth housed inside a protective pouch. Simply pull the lens cloth out of the pouch to use. When not in use, pull the drawstring to retract the lens cloth back into the pouch and stuff the remaining cloth in with one finger. The protective pouch will keep the cloth clean and dry so it will always be ready for use. The Stuff-It™ is compact and extremely portable. The Stuff-It™ fits easily in your pocket, camera bag, binocular case or use the attached hook to clip it to your jacket. The Stuff-It™ is ideal for cleaning binocular lenses, spotting scope senses, telescope lenses, camera lenses, GPS devices, eyeglasses and more. The microfiber lens cloth is safe to use on all Lenses. Will not scratch or damage Lenses in any way.

Leap Day Frog Geocoin

Untitled design (7)

Special geocoin for Cache Crate Subscribers specifically designed for Leap Day 2016!

Stylus Pen - Colorful, curvy plastic stylus/ballpoint pen with silver trim and Cache Advance Logo!  Use as a pen for signing logs or other writing needs or a stylus for your device!

AAA Battery Case
AA Battery Case
-Cache Crate Sticker was value added freebie.

We also included a link to a Device Care and Maintenance Tips article for our subscribers.  You can read it here!

Watch the unboxing video:

You can get your own cache crate or start a subscription for the geocacher you love at the following links:

To buy the Individual Cache Crates:

To subscribe:


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