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We recently asked: Is there a lot of FTF competition in your community?

After reading through all the answers, we found that FTF hounds and competition vary quite a bit over time and by communities.

So here is what we heard:

  • Don shared: It fluctuates. You'll have a period where there's several, and then other times where everyone seems either too busy or laid back to go for a FTF.
  • Tom shared: Not really. One guy goes for them all. The rest of us gave up. I now call him the coordinate checker.
  • Nora shared: There used to be. I think it's more the newbies who want them most now. We've been there and done that. It still fun, but If it's to early in the morning or late at night or raining Oh well. It is always fun when you go after a new one and have a FTF party with a few different teams running into each other. We have good folks in our area.
  • Tammi on FB shared: Yes, but after a few years the thrill has worn off, so we don't rush out in the middle of the night in our jammies anymore.
  • Jo on G+ shared: I'd call it moderate. There are several cachers who will try for a cache if they can. Many newer cachers are frustrated by someone they consider an FTF hound.
  • Jim shared: It's like the Indy 500 around here (San Diego area).
  • Ryan on Twitter shared: I can only dream of finding a FTF. I sometimes wonder if these people have jobs (other than Geocaching). I've lost all hope.

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