How often do you do maintenance on your caches? #GQotD

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We recently asked: How often do you do maintenance on your caches?

After reading all the answers, we found that it all depends. Some cachers do maintenance 1 to 2 times a year, often spring and or fall. Other’s as they get 1 or more DNFs or requests. So here’s what we heard:

  • Jo on G+ Shared: If the cache is visited frequently with nothing amiss in the logs, we let it be. If an issue comes up or there is a string of DNFs, we get out as soon as we can. Everything else gets checked once a year unless there's something else going on that would make us want to visit (bad weather or other factors that may endanger the cache).
  • Geocaching Jangie on Twitter agrees: I do maintenance once a year, once the snow melts, and then if I receive 2+ DNFs or a note.
  • Derek on FB shared: Used to be only when someone reports a problem...after replacing four containers and six logs last weekend, it's gonna be a lot more often! I would say at least once every six months.
  • Lee has worked his maintenance into some great family time. He shared: I do maintenance every year during my daughter's Thanksgiving visit from WI. She looks forward to it every year as a daddy-daughter bonding moment.
  • Most of my caches have been out a long time, and are in more remote areas so I check on those about every three years, unless there’s been a forest fire near the cache. Others I’ll check on as DNFs start coming in, depending on the difficulty rating of the cache, and the experience of the cacher that DNFed it.

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