Are you planning to attend any Mega Events this year? #GQotD

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We recently asked: Are you planning to attend any Mega Events this year?

84% of cachers are planning to attend a Mega, and for many, more than one! GeoWoodstock topped the list, Going Caching came in second, and MWGB and Yuma tied for third in mentions. So here’s what we heard:

  • Alex on Facebook shared: I started planning my GeoTour road trip to GWXV on New Year's Day. Right now it looks like Denver-Mingo-Kansas City-St Louis-Memphis-Nashville-Chattanooga-Atlanta-Asheville-Waynesville-fly home from Charlotte.
  • Kip shared: Tri-Cities Geocoin Challenge! I went last year and it was the most fun I have had in a single geocaching day!
    • Kip, we’ll see you there!
  • Like many others, Adam is attending GWS and Going Caching. He shared: Thanks to my prime location I will be able to attend both GeoWoodstock and Going Caching.
  • For those wondering, Cache Advance plans to have a booth at GeoWoodstock, Tri Cities GeoChallenge and GeoCoinFest, some of our favorite Mega events. Speak from experience, if you are looking for a great 1-day all-around Mega, GeoWoodstock is great. However, Going Caching is amazing for a 4-5 day themed experience, topped off with the Mega Saturday.

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about Mega Events. You can to, if you-

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