How many consecutive days is your longest caching streak? #GQotD Recap

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We recently asked: How many consecutive days is your longest caching streak?

After tallying all the answers, we found that on average, cachers streak for 20.5 days. So here’s what we heard:

  • Gas Station Tuna on Twitter shared: I'm going for my 366 Challenge, so I'm in the middle of my longest #Geocaching streak now. I'm currently at 220.
  • Mr Kaswa shared: 13! 😀 And even that was completely unintentional. Just happened to be caching along on a trip.
  • Brian shared: I went on a 600 days shortly after I started caching for real.
  • Tom on G+ shared: We succeeded at collecting the 31 days of August a few years ago. Had to take a break from caching after that. Streaks and stats just are not our style.
  • For anyone wondering, my longest streak is 33 days. I did it in February of 2011, to qualify for a winter challenge, finding a cache a day in any winter month. So of course I choose February, the shortest month, and had found a few at the end of January too.

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