A Love Story, a Book, and a Few Geocaching Pickup Lines

Now with nearly three million caches to find, and over TEN MILLION geocachers out there playing the game, chances are getting better and better for finding a caching date, or maybe even more.

Lisa & JD on an early date
Lisa & JD on an early date

Many of us have seen geocachers connect and start dating. Taking a potential date geocaching can lead to many insights about that person and how the two of you might get along down the trail …er… road. I’ve even attended a few official geocaching wedding events -have you?

In fact, I met my husband, Kidvegas19, through geocaching! We are both members of our local geocaching group, the IE-WSGA (Inland Empire Chapter of the Washington State Geocaching Association).

Wedding Day - And a Geocaching Event!
Wedding Day - And a Geocaching Event!

He asked me out on a date back in 2011, and we went geocaching the next day. We cached with friends and just the two of us, and always had a blast. It was the perfect way to spend some great quality time together, and to really get to know each other. We soon fell in love, and 3 years later, our wedding reception was an actual geocaching event!

I am looking for stories to add to my book that I’m writing on life stories and geocaching. Specifically, how geocaching has influenced or impacted your life in a positive way. Today’s topic is dating, relationships and love. If you would like to share a story with me for the book, please feel free to email it to: lisa@cache-advance.com. I am also collecting stories of all kinds, so please write away!

We thought it would be fun to compile a list of geocaching pick up lines. Feel free to add more pickup lines in the comments below.

Now, to get things started, here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

  • Do you cache here often?
  • Ever done a ‘night cache’?
  • Nice camo!
  • Let’s calibrate our GPSrs.
  • Your coordinates or mine?
  • He’s got great stats
  • Would you like to see my trackable collection?
  • What’s your caching name, and how did you choose it?
  • Are you a hider, or a finder?
  • Wanna go on a FTF run with me?
  • TFTD (Thanks For The Date)

What other lines can you think of? Please share!

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