Where do you log your geocache finds? #GQotD Recap!

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We recently asked: Do you usually log your cache finds in the field, or later back at home?

After tallying all the answers, we found it often mattered if the cacher was using a GPS or phone, and what the situation was. In general it was tied 40% each of cachers that log in the field or at home. But for another 20% they do both, and it really depends on a few things. So here’s what we heard:

  • Agent Questermark on G+ shared: I usually log them in the field, explaining the condition of the log and container and something about why I'm at that particular cache.
  • Donna on FB shared: In the field? GASP! Why would I do that!! lol. I like to go home and write about my finds, I keep notes in a notebook so I can remember them all. And I used to always post at least one picture, but I've slowed down. Sigh.
  • Hot Rod 205 on Twitter shared: a 'hybrid' approach. Log as a field note in my phone app in field. Then finish it at home later.
  • Kari shared: Usually log DNFs in the field but finds are always logged at home.
  • Nathan shared: On big runs, I send field notes and log later. Otherwise, I log in the field.
  • Tom shared: I'll drop a short note in the field, then expound on it later from a real keyboard. Anything more than a sentence or two with a touchscreen is just taking time away from other things I could be doing.
    • Tom, a lot of cachers, myself included, agree with you! I do have a great solution for trying to tap out great logs on a tiny screen: stay tuned for a blog post on this very soon!!

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about logging caches. You can to, if you-

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