How many Favorite Points do you have available to award? #GQotD Recap!

How many favorite points do you have remaining or available to reward? Geocaching Question of the Day!Hey Cachers! This is Lookout Lisa from Cache Advance, and I’m your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day.

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We recently asked: How many Favorite Points do you have remaining, or available to award?

After reading through all the answers, we found that the number really varied. While some are very …shall we say “tight” … with over 2,000 yet to award, most cachers have less than 400 and many do keep it near 0.

So here is what we heard:

  • Rich on FB shared: 591 favorite points remaining. 150 awarded.
  • Jim shared: 417 left. I'm stingy.
  • Gerry agreed. He shared: I am stingy with my favorite points. I only give them out for unique caches. I have 159 remaining.
  • Matthew shared: 16 remaining. I've awarded 312.
  • Linsey shared: I have 28 left out of 157. I always give out less during winter because I tend to stick to easier, snow-friendly hides like LPCs, which are usually less impressive.
  • Bill shared: Five. I have been trying to be more generous with them lately, but as I have mined everything in my reach, I have to wait for an excuse to travel out of my "bubble."
  • I just peeked, and I have 615 remaining. Favorite points came out long after I had started caching, so overnight I suddenly had quite a few. I’ve gone back and awarded some to really memorable caches. To this day, awarding them is still not top of mind while I’m logging caches.

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