Have you ever been rewarded with a geocoin or prize for completing a series of caches?


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We recently asked:

Have you ever been rewarded with a geocoin or prize for completing a series of caches?

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  • After tallying all the answers, we found that 86% of cachers have been rewarded for completing a cache series.
  • So here’s what we heard:
    • Kennyart61 on T shared: Yes, on several geotours and other series sponsored by local communities. A fun way to earn geocoins.
    • Austin on G+ had some bad news: Sadly the two I attempted ran out of coins before I was able to get the necessary caches. –ah shoot!
    • Vicky on FB asked: I got a piece of power line for completing the Grand Coulee Dam hydrocache challenge. Does that count?
      • Well Vicky, I’ve heard of that damn challenge, and yes, it does count.
    • Tim on FB answers for many newer cachers out there. He shared: Haven't been caching long enough, but I can't wait.
    • We sure want to encourage all of you out there to find and complete some of these great cache series.

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