Have You Ever Been on a Geocaching Date? – #GQotD Recap!

GQotDPinterestHey Cachers! This is Lookout Lisa from Cache Advance, and I’m your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day.

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We recently asked: Have you ever been a geocaching date?

After tallying all the answers, we found that just over 32% of cachers, or 1 in 3, have been on geocaching dates.

So here is what we heard:

  • Will on FB shared: Definitely not
  • Doug on G+ shared: I was already married when I started geocaching, and I am a geocaching bachelor.
    • Oh Doug, you married a snuggle muggle!
  • On the flip side, Jo shared: We started Geocaching so we'd have a hobby we could do together, so I'd say yes.
  • Nora on FB shared: My husband and I had lunch together and he asked me if I heard of geocaching. I looked at him funny and then he took me to find a geocache in my hometown.
    • And so it begins…
  • Jim shared: Neither of really knew (or thought) it was a date but we ended up married a few short years later
  • Brenda shared: Not until recently. Husband has caught the bug. He even helps me hide.
  • Nora shared: My Husbands and my first real date (not just hanging out as geocaching buddies) He took me out to dinner and afterwards we walked down to the rivers edges and found a Virtual cache together.

As always we really enjoyed hearing about geocaching dates, and you can too, if you-

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