Which geocaching statistic of yours are you most proud? #GQotD Recap!

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We recently asked: Which geocaching statistic of yours are you most proud?

After reading all the answers, we saw that, as I’d thought, most cachers take pride in many different things and ways to enjoy caching. The only stat that was mentioned the most was the Jasmer Challenge, and that only came up 3 times. So here’s what we heard:

  • Eric shared: That's like asking which of my children I love more. I'm proud of all of them equally!!
  • Ruth on FB shared: I'm not proud of anything to do with statistics. I'm proud of the friends and connections I've made along the way. Stats are overrated.
  • Emma shared: Countries, all the Beautiful places had visit thanks to this hobby.
  • Kari on G+ shared: They are not very impressive overall but I do like the fact that over 25% of our finds are puzzles.
  • Jerry on FB shared: Completing the Jasmer Challenge (finding one cache published in each month since May 2000)...it took a long time, and I had to work it in when I was traveling somewhere nearby, but it also got me to look for and find so many historic caches along the way. A good long-term goal for anyone, but start as soon as you can to take advantage of opportunities anywhere you go!
    • Coincidentally 5 years ago today, or October 9, 2011, I finished the Jasmer challenge! It was an amazing journey to find so many oldies across the country and read the logs too. I know I had an advantage as I started caching in August of 2002, but it was still challenging to fill all those months!

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