What about geocaching do you enjoy the most? #GQotD Recap!

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We recently asked: What about geocaching do you enjoy the most?

For some cachers, they enjoyed the creativity that goes into so many caches. Some enjoy hiding caches for others to find. But the overwhelming majority of cachers enjoy getting outside for a nice hike and seeing something new, often with friends and family. So here’s what we heard:

  • Heidi on G+ shared: Going for new hikes in new places.
  • Schwan's man Shawn on Twitter shared: I like the hunt and the awesome places it takes me. It's better than any travel agent.
  • Wh00 shared: getting outside with friends and seeing our sons faces when they find the caches
  • Alexarcuri shared: getting outside and going new places. And always having something to do no matter where I go!
  • JT on FB shared: That I am tricking myself into getting exercise and fresh air while doing something fun!
  • Don on FB shared: Going to places I would never have visited, and seeing things I would never had seen. You could have lived in an area all your life, but it's said you never really know an area until you have geocached in it!
  • Daniel mentions the caches themselves, not just the location. He shared: History aspect. Knowing u can go to a cache that's 10yrs old that still holds the same log book and container. Knowing all the cachers that were there before you and those who will be there after you.
  • Dave on FB shared: We never seek things for themselves—what we seek is the very seeking of things. - Blaise Pascal

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