Have you geocached outside of your home country?

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We recently asked: Have you geocached outside of your home country?

Geocachers do like to travel! 72% of us have cached in different countries, while 28% have not…yet. So here’s what we heard:

  • Seemyshell on Twitter shared: nope, but I have a trip planed for October.
  • Tony on FB shared: The only time I've been outside the country was before geocaching existed.
  • Danno on Twitter shared: geocached in Germany and unfortunately all DNFs.
    • Oh no! My husband, Kidvegas19 had the same situation on a business trip to Mexico.
  • Jo on G+ shared: Yes, Canada and a few island nations while on a cruise.
  • Wayne on FB is quite a traveler! He shared: We have 39 countries and picking up 9 more in October and 3 more in January.

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