What is your favorite TOTT for finding caches? #GQotD Recap

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We recently asked: What is your favorite TOTT for finding caches?

After tallying all the answers, tweezers, sticks or poles, and wives got the most mentions. Coming in next is GPS, Phone, flashlights and dogs. So here’s what we heard:

  • Tick Magnet on Twitter shared: My favorite TOTT would be hiking boots. They take me to amazing places.
  • Whoo shared: my phone ... its my gps, my camera, my torch, and my sos in case of trouble.
  • Randy shared: a stick ~ generally clears critters and snakey creatures before my hands go in. It's usually my walking stick.
  • Sandra shared: the dog as he is great as sniffing out where people have been.
    • ELJ adds: and dogs make excellent decoys! No one thinks twice about someone out and about with a dog!
  • Tom on G+ shared: My wife. 🙂 Seriously, I often leave looking for the cache to her while I scout nearby photo opportunities. If she doesn't have it after a few minutes, or if I photographically write off the location, I may join her. Once we find the cache, she signs the log so that it is legible, and she may do minor maintenance (add a dry log, replace a baggie, etc.). No question, she's the best TOTT I've got.
    • Robert on Facebook agrees. He shared: My wife. We call her "The Bacon Saver" because she finds the caches others can't.

As always, we really enjoyed hearing about TOTTs. You can to, if you-

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