When caching in a new area, do you sort by favorite points?

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We recently asked: When caching in a new area, do you sort by favorite points?

About 2/3, or 63% of cachers do, but it does depend on some things too! So here’s what we heard:

  • JT doesn’t sort. He shared: I'm almost always on my way to somewhere else, so I search along a route, and take what I can get!
  • Stephanie on FB has a great method. She shared: No usually by route. I try to put them in order of my route but I also star the ones I really want to get (high fave points, particular spot, etc) so if I run low on time I can focus on those.
  • Tom on G+ shared: Additional factors are Scenic View attribute and whether user's photos support the "scenic view" claim.
  • Don shared: Definitely! Especially when I'm on a trip and I have limited time in a new area. You want to skip the LPCs and go for those top favorites from area cachers!

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