Did you trade anything at your first geocache find? – #GQofD Recap


GQotDPinterestLookout Lisa here from Cache Advance, your host for the Geocaching Question of the Day!  

Here's a recap of a question we asked our followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+  about geocaching:

Did you trade anything at your first geocache find? Did you bring anything with you to trade?

Check out the recording of what we found from our responses by clicking the play button below:



Transcript below:

  • After tallying all the answers, we found that 2/3s of cacher did not trade at their first find.
  • So here’s what we heard:
    • SusanCox1955 on T shared: had nothing with me but went home and got something.
    • Danno on G+ shared: A quarter for a tiny Santa eraser (size of a dime). It was Christmas Day so it seemed fitting to take the eraser.
    • Nora on FB shared: nope. I wanted to be more comfortable with just caching before trading stuff.
    • Many answered that they didn’t know about trading then, but do carry some swag with them now for trading.

As always we really enjoyed hearing about cacher’s first finds, and you can too, if you-

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