What was your best month for your find rate? #GQotD Recap!

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We recently asked: What was your best month for your find rate? Were you on any special caching trips?

After tallying all the answers, we found that cachers find the most caches April, May, August and December, and often because a geocaching trip or event. So here’s what we heard:

  • Jo on G+ shared: April 2012, we did the ET Highway then.
  • Jeremy on Twitter shared: June 2013. Nothing special just one year from my 1st find and plenty of local caches around back then.
  • Yosemite Debbie on FB shared: 2,267 caches in April of 2016 about 2,000 of those on a trip to cache the outlying boondocks of Fallon, Nevada in a two-jeep convoy. Beautiful country out on those remote dirt roads and lots of wildlife too -- antelope, deer, wild horses.
  • Tony shared: My best month was March of 2015 with 270 finds. I went to MOGA that month and picked up quite a few. It looks like MOGA month is very often my biggest find month… but 2015 seems to have been the biggest of the big.
  • For anyone wondering, August of 2011 was my best month. I was invited down to the grand re-opening of the ET Highway in Nevada. Remember, it was August, it was 100+ degrees each day. I had a blast, and ended the month just 7 shy of 2,000!

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