Do You Have Signature Items That You Leave In Geocaches? #GQotD Recap!

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Back in February, we asked: Do you have a signature item that you leave in caches?


After tallying all the answers, we found that about half of cachers have or have had signature items.

So here’s what we heard:

    • ShashaVIE shared on T: Yes, but I use it very, very rarely.
    • DGS479 shared: I leave signature pathtags in quality or memorable caches.
    • Kelly on FB shared: Most caches are far too small.
    • Kurt summed it up for many of us: Pathtag when I have them, and cache is big enough. It's a crying shame we live in "Micro-World" anymore.
      • Lots of fans posted pictures of their signatures item on our FB page –I encourage you all to take a look!
    • Laura on FB shared: I'm a rock & fossil hound, so when I have small rocks, agates, crystals or fossils, I leave them.

As always we really enjoyed hearing about signature items, and you can too, if you-

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Thanks, and Happy Caching!

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